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Mac Mini & '04 WRX STi

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  • Mac Mini & '04 WRX STi

    My car Mac project is around 70% complete as the bulk of the work will now center around the pending installation next weekend. I figured it was time to share my endeavours with the rest of the community. I have run into some common problems and come up with some interesting solutions that I haven't seen posted here yet. I still have a little more writing to do on the build out and I will need to post installation pictures, but there is some useful stuff even now. Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions....

    inov8tr --/@/-- gmail

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    wow, that's pretty cool. I haven't been on here in a while. Always wanted to put my mac mini in the sti but could never justify it. I even bought a touchscreen but kept saying no to the project.
    Project completion 10%...own the mac mini. Currently writing lots of applescript. My for sale thread


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      David, thanks for sharing. I am planning a Mac Mini install and I found your USB hub comments most helpful. Cheers!