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    I have been reading around here for a while but haven't posted. I am putting a mac mini the 1.83ghz processor one in my 350z. I have the mini and the Xenarc 700tsv. I have a couple of questions. I plan on running the mini in bootcamp so I can run a decent gps program until one comes out for a mac. I am going to get the carnetix p1900. I know there is a way to wake the mac up in about 5 seconds with the mac os but can I do the same in xp? Does my GPS antenna have to have a clear view of the sky, because I have seen people mount them behind panels in their cars? I want to have Sirius radio. I know the store here sells an interface for it. Where can I buy the reciever and antenna? Also does that antenna need a clear view or can I hide that as well? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am not sure about the sleep with Windows. My MacBook Pro hibernates and takes about 20-30 seconds to start up while running Windows XP.

    Officially the GPS antenna does require a clear view of the sky. It usually works when covered by piece of plastic, glass etc. I am not sure where exactly you want to mount it, keep in mind that if you put it under the dashboard, you are also reducing its view of the sky by surrounding it with all the metal in the car, not just the plastic cover above.

    I do not have experience with Sirius, but XM satelite radio is even more sensitive to good sky view than GPS.