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  • Griffin Powermate & Front Row

    Cant get it to work any ideas, im not using the official version if that helps

    im using proxi and it works i just cant find a good configuration
    im using

    left right key = turn left/right
    up down = push down left right
    enter = single push
    esc = hold down

    however up down automatically enter (becuase im pushing down)
    and escape enters before escaping any ideas!

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    I've just ordered a Powermate from the US, so in a week or so I'll try it with FR & let you know.

    By not official, you mean the modified program to run on non FR supported mac's?


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      sorted it but yeah your right a non supported mac, you dont need the other software the official one will be fine!


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        If you're on an intel mac, you'll have to download the newer drivers from the website to make it work with an intel mac...


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          did you get it to work in the end ?


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            just fyi, i ran my GPM on front row using the following configuration:

            In Finder:
            Long Click = CMD+ESC (to launch FR)

            In Front Row:
            Turn Right = Down Arrow
            Turn Left = Up Arrow
            Click-Right = Right Arrow
            Click-Left = Left Arrow
            Short Click = Return
            Long Click (delay = 1 sec) = Esc

            This worked very well for me. The only thing i was unable to do was simulate holding a key down, as rotating simply repeats the keypress. So as my list of music got longer, it took considerably longer to scroll through everything and harder to accurately choose something way down the list.
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              how do you get the "esc" key mapped to the powermate? everytime i try to set it to send key and then press the key that i want it to emulate, when i press "esc" it just puts the last key that was assigned to it. also how do you add front row as an app that the powermate can use
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                I think what i did was made the Front Row settings global, and made a specific profile for Finder... since those were the only two apps i use. Let me double check that before i say that's what i did for certain. The other thing i may have done is made front row into an executable file by creating an applescript that launches it... not sure. but you might try both.

                as far as getting the GPM to send ESC, i just tell it to send key with the pulldown menu, and then click the "change key" button, then highlight the window where it shows which key it's sending, then hit ESC. That should do it.
                Et ipsa scientia potestas est.

                Worklog for my 2007 Civic Si ...f*** it...
                Pictures of the Corolla (retired)here
                Need to make something? Here are a few ideas.


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                  Bring this back from the dead- I'm trying to get my Powermate to do the escape key but I can't get it! I e-mailed Griffin and they said it's not possible - surely it has to be. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!


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                    I found a program called Proxi made by Griffin. A little buggy with Leopard but it does the trick nicely. Easy to setup too.