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Everything You Wanted to Know About Using DWW-700H with a Mac

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  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Using DWW-700H with a Mac

    I just finished installing the DWW-700H in my Mazda 3. This was a stressful install due to the lack of support and/or info out there for this product. I figured I would post all of the little tricks and nuances that I've discovered in order to possibly save someone else the same frustrations I had.

    1. Wiring- Though the wires were all labeled, they were not the correct colors or even the correct type of wire. There are 6 wires coming from the "Power" port. 12v+ (Red), Acc (Black), Ground (White), Ground (Green), Video 1 (Blue), Video 2 (Grey). Here is how mine is wired (after much trial and error)to work.

    ***Note: my 12v+ wire and Ground- wire were not even the correct type of wire. They were RCA audio wires. In other words, each wire had an insulated ground wire running through them. Be aware of this. If you connect both the outer and inner portions of these wires, your screen will not work. I had to strip the outer portion of the wire while leaving the inner portion insulated. I connected the outer portion to the power source and ground. DO NOT ALLOW BOTH PARTS OF THIS WIRE TO MAKE CONTACT.

    ------I connected the 12v+ (Red) wire and Acc (Wire) together. I then connected these to my 12v + source (Orange for Mazda) (cigarette lighter- this way my power supply was already switched to come on with ignition or accessory)

    ------I connected both ground wires together, then connected them to the Ground- wire of the cig lighter (Black).

    This gave me a good power source for the screen.

    2. VGA- I connected the VGA cable to my computer and ensured that the monitor did in fact display a signal from the Mac. I also changed the screen resolution to 800x600. I think you can use a higher resolution, but things get hard to read on a 7" screen.

    3. USB- DO NOT PLUG IN USB. You must install the driver before you plug the screen in. If you do this, the monitor should work fine as touch screen when it is plugged in.

    4. USB FIX!!- If you are like me, you installed the driver for the touchscreen with the USB cord plugged in. This causes the screen not to work. In order to get it to work, you have to do a complete clean install of the driver without the monitor plugged in.

    ------Driver Clean Re-Install- You have to make sure to delete every record of the driver being on your Mac. These are the files to delete: In the "Applications" folder
    -USBtouch.kext "System">"Library">"Extenstions"
    -TouchKit.pkg Probably on your desktop
    -TouchKit.pkg This is the receipt for your first install attempt it is in "Library">"Receipts"

    I also deleted the two extension caches. They are in the "System">"Library" folder just under the "Extensions" folder

    Make sure to empty your trash and restart your machine.

    Make sure that the USB cord for the monitor is not plugged in.

    Insert your Driver disk. Perform the installation again. **Note: When you get to the point that you choose your volume, and the installer warns you of the restart... the button to continue should say "INSTALL". If it says "Upgrade", you have not deleted all the necessary files from your previous install. Quit the installer and go through this process again.

    The installer will restart your machine. Once it is booted up, open the TouchKit application.

    Now Plug in your USB cable. The monitor should show up on the list of devices. More than likely, if you touch the screen at this point, it will not register. Unplug the USB cable, then plug it back in. At this point, my touch screen began working.

    Other observations: The screen is somewhat tempremental with regards to temperature. After being outside in the cold at night, the monitor will not start up in the morning. It turns on to a blank white screen and is unresponsive. This problem goes away once the screen is warm. ** Note: If the screen starts up this way, it will be unresponsive until it has been cut off from the power supply. In my case, this means restarting the car.

    The screen has a delay in responding to push of the power button. After pressing the button, it takes approximately 2-3 seconds to come on. Be patient.

    If anyone has any question about this screen and either installing it or using it with a Mac, just let me know. I'll be more than happy to help you avoid all the trial and error involved with my install.

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    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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      Edit: Added pictures. Thanks for this, PMouse! Nice second post.
      Originally posted by ghettocruzer
      I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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        I think I still have one of these screens, but an older version and in parts! The DIN plug went bad that came out of the unit to the other cables.

        No experience using it with a Mac though...all my experience was with an old Dell laptop.
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