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    hello everyone, ive been thinking of putting a mac mini in my acura rsx ever since mac minis came out. i came across this forum a few days ago. i know a lot about computers and car stereo installs so i think im good to go in terms of actually getting it into my car. im just confused about one thing: why is it so important to have a DC power supply as opposed to using an inverter? I understand that with an inverter the computer would not be able to withstand engine cranks and id have to do everything manually. aside from those inconveniences, is there any reason? thanks in advance. --mark

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    Efficiency of the inverter is much lower, it is almost certainly bigger in size and it may be causing problems with audio noise (50/60Hz).


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      Understanding how to power your setup in a car is probably the most important issue in car PC installation. Although you may be considering putting a Mac in your car, the question you ask is not Mac specific. Read this and check out the wiki site for more information on power supplies.

      Now for my two cents worth. An inverter is a waste of time and money. Yes, it will work. Yes, you can get one for about half the cost of a P1900 DC power supply. You will also get about half the functionality.

      If you decide that you really like having a PC in your car, you will want the functionality that a DC PSU brings to your setup. You will have spen $50 on the inverter, then you will spend $100 on the DC power supply. You could have spent the $100 and been done with it.

      My general advice on car PC's is to homebrew anything and everything that you want except for the power supply. Just spend the money on a proper one so you can get on with it.
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      I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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        This makes perfect sense. What are my options as far as powering a MacMini?


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          P1900 for about USD 100, iGo or Kensington universal car laptop chargers for about half that. But just get the P1900, the difference in price is well worth it (as the iGo/Kensington won't survive cranking, do not have intelligent startup-shutdown control etc.)