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Mini Waking Up, Going Right Back to Sleep

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  • Mini Waking Up, Going Right Back to Sleep

    I am using an intel Mac Mini with the Carnetix 1900 power supply.

    Much like me when I have to wake up early for work, it wakes up but goes right back to sleep. This happens when I turn my car on - wakes up as normal, but never outputs any sound, and within a few seconds it's back to sleep. I have to touch the screen (mouse) to get it to wake back up and start playing music.

    I contacted Carnetix, thinking the power supply might be malfunctioning, and they said it was more likely something to do with the mini itself.

    Any ideas?

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    Does it stay on after you awake it by touching the screen?


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      unplug all USB accessories and see if that fixes the problem. This can happen when things like hubs and other USB devices draw too much power.


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        It does stay on after I wake it up.

        I have unpugged my wireless keyboard receiver and will also try unplugging the hub I have. Thanks for your replies.

        I'll post here again if it doesn't work.