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Analog Switch Interface for OS X

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  • Analog Switch Interface for OS X

    Does anyone know a quick solution that is capable of emulating keyboard commands in OS X? I'm looking for some kind of USB interface that can accept analog input and convert them to mapped keyboard commands, including ones like "volume up / down". I've seen phidgets but don't know if there are good drivers for OS X that can map all keyboard commands.

    Also, does anyone know where to get sweet red led backed momentary switches to match the interior of my Mazda 3?

    See schematic for button placement detail. Thanks for your help!
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    Updates schematic

    See the file attached for button location
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      Although my work has been slow moving lately my "Phidget Homepage" project will have a feature using digital inputs for this. Is there a reason you are looking for an analog solution? Mine uses the 8 digital inputs for tasks such as volume up/down quickly switching to the different phidget screens or possibly running an applescript chosen by the user.


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        Not necessarily...

        They don't have to be analog switches, but my impression is that I would more flexibility in terms of wiring and looks when dealing with analog switches. My presumption was that you could find a controller that would look for a momentary 12 v. (or momentary grounding) and use that to activate a keystroke on the Mac.

        Digital switches would be fine and I'm interested in your project - where could I find more information?


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          check this out. i used it and it works very well


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            here is the link to my thread

            Right now I only ave a relay controller but the next version also interfaces with sensors and buttons.

            The phidget digital inputs are designed for exactly what you discribed. They use have a 5V output and sense when that is interupted by a momentary switch. There are also analog inputs but typically analog is used to sense a wide range of data. So rather that 0V OR 5V you can have 0V TO 5V. The situation you described is actually digital.


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              Onepuff: That looks awesome. It looks like it retains the output assignments on board - how did you manage to configure this baby off of OS X or did you use windows and their utility to configure it?

              bcohen: Thank you for the info. I did misunderstand the different but it makes sense now. The phidget touch sensor looks great (under frosted glass with LED glow) and you could just screen print button graphics over it. I'm going to read through your thread and see if I can make progress with the phidget design.


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                go to the top of that webpage and put your cursor over the i-pac tab at the top
                go to the downloads page. there is a programmer for mac


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                  The iPac works great for the Mac. I've used it in my setup before.
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                    Thanks for the programmer tip. I did find it and should have noted. Now to find some really great switches...


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                      check these out. pricey but very nice. i think bugbyte has used these. u might check around for a better price. i can't remember where i got them. the ipac has a great shift feature if u didn't know already. use one button as a shift key sort of and your other buttons will be able to send two different keystrokes



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                        That is the switch I am using for my client's Audi A3 MacMini setup.