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  • Mac Mini with P1900

    Hi all. Having some minor difficulties with running a Mac mini off of a P1900. Im not sure if my problem is related to the P1900 or the Mini. On the P1900 I have the third J1 jumper jumpered for Sleep mode. In my System Prefs I have "Allow Power Button To Sleep Computer" checked. When I start the car or turn the key to accessory mode, the computer and monitor go on, everything is fine. When I turn the car off, the monitor turns off as it should, but the mini does not sleep. When I push the power button, the computer sleeps as it should. Another related problem is that when the computer is sleeping and I turn the car off for more than 15 minutes or so, the computer shuts off entirely.At first I suspected a low car battery for this, but then I realized that if Im using the computer and its not asleep, it will drain almost all of the battery before finally being shut off. When its sleeping, its shut off regardless of how much battery charge is left. Any ideas?

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    The mini wont imedietly go to sleep there is a set amount of time that it will stay on before it goes to sleep, should be about 15secs *thats how long mine takes*. Secondly when the mini is sleeping and it shuts off entirely it is either that you have some of your jumpers wrong or your battery is failing. Mine did this for a while and then I upgraded my P1900 to v2 and it stopped so i am not sure what exactly to suggest.
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      Try talking to Mike. He is very helpful on these issues.

      If it is not sleeping at all, I would take a guess that you (assuming you are using the MacPac cable) are either using the wrong cable for your Mini (G4 vs Intel) or (if yours is an Intel) you haven't set up the P1900 for it (do you still have to do the resistor hack?).

      Also, if your Mini is not going to sleep (power light on the Mini never dims and slowly pulses), the P1900 will cut all power after the configured amount of time (I think it's 3 minutes, but I could be wrong).

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        Something (probably the same thing) is A) preventing the Mini from sleeping; B) preventing the Mini from waking and instead it restarts.

        Question: when you manually sleep the Mini by pushing the power button, have you confirmed that it actually sleeps (power light slowly pulses on and off)? If it does not, then the P1900 will cut the power to it to prevent battery drain after a certain period of time.

        Also, when starting your car, remember that the voltage can drop considerably. Do you have a nice fat power wire, like an 8 or 4 gauge cable to the P1900's input wires? You didn't simply extend the wires using the same gauge as on the input side, did you? If you did, then the resistance down those wires will cause a voltage drop. The longer they are, the more the voltage will drop, and incidentally, the hotter they will get.
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          Yeah like I said everything is working fine EXCEPT the computer is not automatically being put to sleep/woken up by the P1900 like it should. If I push the button, the computer sleeps (and wakes up) properly. If I leave the computer asleep for around 15 min or so, it gets shut down. If I dont sleep the computer, it never shuts down when its not supposed to. So basically what Im saying is all the problems seem centered around the sleeping function of the mini. I have a P1900 v2 and am using 8 gauge wire. Im really frustrated because everything seems like its set up correctly. Im gonna make sure all the jumpers are configured properly for the 400th time and see what happens.


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            Don't feel bad, I'm having the same issues with the exception that my P1900 keeps shuting down and starting up when the ignition is off, but will sleep when the key is in the accessary position. I'm on my second P1900 because I though I fried the first one. Like you I've gone over the jumper positions umpteen times. It's been two months now and I'm about to put a hammer to something.

            Could it be that my Mini Cooper has constant power when turned off (allows stereo to play when key is off), or that the Pulse or DelayOn wire is feeding off the head unit which is connected to the amp/sub and P1900v2.2?

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              I would of thought that is a problem relating to the ignition source and/or the head unit not being ignition....

              Is it not possible to get your local stereo shop to run a permanent live but through a relay on the ignition...???

              That way you can be sure that it will only be powered up on the ignition. I would still run the seperate permanent live and check the jumpers for correct settings again as well though...

              I used to get intermitant problems with sleep, powering off on switching on the ignition etc... BUT as pepsibobby has said as well though, battery is very important in how the P1900 functions, and i have absolutely no problems at all with mine since running 2 stinger batteries instead of the standard 1 i had before.
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                I also..

                I also Seem to be having this problem, I checked all jumpers as well.
                the unit does go into sleep mode when I shut off the car, but after about 15 minutes it shuts down the computer.

                Its a brand new car, so I don't think its any kind of battery issue,
                but maybe the 'sensativity' of the p1900 is set too high.

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                  Originally posted by johnnyaction314 View Post
                  If I push the button, the computer sleeps (and wakes up) properly. If I leave the computer asleep for around 15 min or so, it gets shut down.
                  It shuts down when the car is turned off? Does it exhibit this behavior on AC?

                  After pulling up the manual again, i'm going to have to guess that you have pines 5&6 open (Hibernate vs Sleep) and 9&10 closed.

                  If so, this means that you are telling it to wait 15 minutes (9&10) before sending the signal and you are sending the wrong (5&6) signal which the Mini is interpreting as time to turn off.

                  Have you talked to Mike yet? We can guess all day, but Mike builds them and probably knows the answer.

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                    I switched the jumper to 6 second shutdown and that surprisingly fixed the problem of it not sleeping at all. I started having a lot of other problems (completely random sleep/wakeup times, sometimes the screen would stay on and the computer would shut off, sometimes the computer would not be put to sleep at all, etc) Frustrated, I just shut the car off and made sure it went to sleep and left it alone for an hour or so. When I came back out I started the car and turned it off roughly 4 times and every time it woke up in about 4-6 seconds and slept in a few seconds more. I heard it has to sync up with your mini so i guess thats why I kept getting all the inconsistent times. Hopefully now everything stays working this well.


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                      One more time, I'll see what I can do then talk to Mike.