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  • Proposed AMP Fork

    xamp is a fork of the AMP project by Aychamo. It is built on the foundation of the AMP 1.0 source code. Much thanks to Aychamo for starting this project and making OS X a viable Carputer platform.

    You can find the most current source and information on sourceforge. Here is a link to the project

    Immediate Goals for initial release:
    *Integration of iTunes library (no more importing) - code could be used from AMP 2.0
    *VLC integration
    *Better video directory navigation
    *Customizable main screen (who uses photos? Maybe Nav would be better there)
    *Better internet connect options
    *Better browser (wider scroll bars, more use of the onscreen keyboard)
    *Screen dimming for night time.
    *Basic Driving Directions

    Long Term Goals:
    *ODB II
    *Phone integration

    Bugs to fix:
    *Hidden mouse not always hidden
    *Album art gets messed up on some imports (might be fixed with itunes library integration)

    AMP = Aychamo's Media Player
    xamp = X-Aychamo's Media Player or OS X Aychamo's Media Player

    I will keep this initial post updated with current information about the project.

    Now, who can help coding?

    Please join us on IRC. You can find us on Efnet in #xamp. If your client support it, you can also click the link below:

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    I really like this idea, and I would love to help programming if only i knew some cocoa and xcode. I'm thinking about learning so we will see.


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      im in for some smaller things. Im still focusing mostly on school (im a highschool senior) but as summer approaches I have more free time. I havn't looked at the code yet but I could probably contribute my phidget knowlege and a bit of coding to the project.


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        Excellent idea, especially about integrating the iTunes library rather than importing it. If at all possible, full screen cover flow mode would make an excellent addition as well.

        As for screen dimming, Bugbyte wrote an excellent script to do this, by using a freeware app called Shades. Maybe this work can be incorporated too?

        I can't code to save my life (and my programming professors from college will back that up), so I can't contribute any of this myself, but I like the idea of this proposed development fork!
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        99.99% -- It's alive!!!...the extra .01% is because it'll never be completely "done."


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          let me know what kind of picture work you need. i can do real life or just modify stuff with Photoshop. Let me know.
          Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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            I thought up an idea while in my GFs car. When you turn on the radio it slowly raises the volume up to where you have it set so that it dosnt blast you right when you start it up. I think that when AMP wakes from sleep and it is still playing music that this should be implemented. So that when it slowly raises the volume to where you had it set when you left the car.
            Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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              I would like to help with the new development. I have not done any programming in Cocoa or Xcode, but I learn quick - I do programming as a career and have experience in several languages, so I think I can pick it up pretty quick.

              It looks like Aychamo's links to the source and binaries are gone since his site has been taken down. Can someone repost the source or email it to me and I'll start reviewing the code and start learning Xcode.

              Once the sourceforge project gets approved, I'll jump on board that too.


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                Great idea. I'm useless at code but I'll be more than happy to contribute useless ideas and beta test for you guys. I'm running an Intel Mac Mini 2.33 (Merom hack) 2gb RAM, 200gb HD, Tiger 10.4.9, Parallels and some other stuff.

                Let me know if I can be of any small help.



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                  sounds good, I'll keep you posted for testing. I just need to get the code from someone. I'm hoping gthing has it since he's the one that started the sourceforge project, but he's not responding yet, so we'll see.


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                    I have some experience in Cocoa and XCode and more than happy to help this project.


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                      Here is the new project:


                      I am still trying to figure out how to use CVS and upload the source. Until then it's empty. Go and join up there though if you are interested in helping out.


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                        Just a quick idea on the 'Customizable main screen', I love the look of the Front Row style layout but think that maybe a dynamic grid layout would be more practical.

                        This way we can have a preferences section where the user can decide which modules/sections they use and only they will show up on the main screen. As you say who uses photos, you can simply disable the photos button showing but still allows for people who do use the photos module to enable it.

                        I think some nice navigation effects would be pretty cool but could probably hold off on these until Leopard is finally released and we can use the CoreAnimation framework.

                        My comments here are on the 1.4version as this is the only code I have available.

                        What source are you trying to upload? I can try if you want, I used to use CVS but it has been a while now.


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                          I am trying to upload both the AMP 1.0 Code and the AMP 2.0 code as a separate "branch" or "module" - hell, I don't know - I'm still working on the terminology. I guess since we are using AMP 1.0 as a base for XAMP, we should call it version .1 when we upload it?


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                            Please join us on IRC.

                            On efnet in the "xamp" channel.



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                              link is busted.
                              Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!