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Play a song in Itunes shuts down AMP, HELP

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  • Play a song in Itunes shuts down AMP, HELP

    After importing songs into AMP, try to play any song and it shuts down AMP. It is a continuous circle.

    What am I going wrong, I am using AMP 1.4. I can open Itunes outside of AMP and play the music no problem.

    Any info or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I don't use it anymore, but I know one of the frequent answers back when I did was to delete AMP's data directory (in Library/Application Support I think) and then reimport your music.

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      Ok I will try that. If I shouldn't use this one, which one should I use?


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        That didn't work, AMP still closes when I select any song to play. I have tried installing different AMP files. None have seemed to work. Anyone have any other ideas? I would like to have it up and run soon because I now have all the parts to install everything. I wont install it still I have some Front end software running correctly on it.