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PROBLEM: amp plays first second of song

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  • PROBLEM: amp plays first second of song

    i am having trouble with getting AMP to play my music. i love the program and really really want to use it, but it is not allowing me to listen to my music. i go through and select a song, and it plays the first second or two of the song then stops. does this for every song in the entire library, no matter what song i choose.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. i saw some others had this problem but no one really got back as to what was wrong or if they fixed it or anything. thank you all very much.

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    Have you updated itunes?

    And what version of AMP are you running?



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      ummm... im running the newest version of both amp and itunes.... i just checked for updates for my itunes and there are none. but do i have to run a certain older version for it to work? thanks again for the help. if you could tell me what version of itunes you are running with amp i would greatly appreciate it. and if you know where i can download the older versions of itunes that would be awesome too. thank you so much!


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        anyone willing to help me out? i cant get this to work at all. thanks again in advance


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          The problem is: AMP is not being developed anymore, the number of users is very limited, too. I suppose nobody has ever run into such a problem, and now nobody has an idea :-(


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            oh... well thank you. what is recommended to use right now? all of the other frontends seem like works in progress, none of which are really far enough along to even use.


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              Well.... yes :P

              What would you expect from a frontend to be in use? Maybe we can think of something then.


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                Just a suggestion, but you might try to import your iTunes library again. (I use amp and the latest iTunes and have no problems.)


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                  i had the same problem but then when i updated my mac mini i suddenly started to work. so i don't know if this will help you any