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  • Tuning for Radioshark

    I tried looking under the Mac forum but could not find an answer I needed.

    I have just purchased a Radioshark and running AMP 1.4. I was able to tune the radioshark through its own software in increments of 0.1mhz (fm)., by setting <Tune which FM Frequncies> to <All>.

    However, when I run AMP 1.4, I was not able to tune it by 0.1 only by 0.2 (98.7 --> 98.5 --> 98.3). Anyone has any idea what I need to do to get AMP tuning by 0.1?

    Thank you and regards.

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    does it have something to do with it being a US radio tuner? I know that you cant tune by ones in a car. I dont know I am curious as well. Sorry I couldnt help.
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      well i can tune the radio shark by 0.1 by using the software installed onto my mac. But I could only tune it by 0.2(which is the default) on AMP only.

      It can be done, just not in AMP. I have stations like 93.3, 98.7 and 95.0 thus I need to have the tuning by 0.1..... Thanks anyway!