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EOL ? Rebirth ?

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  • EOL ? Rebirth ?

    I have been wondering what is really happening with this pretty decent FE.

    Obviously,amp's Dad has moved and the fork seems to be DOA too ...

    Is there any love still left for this software?

    I know that there is supposed to be a new boy coming to town for macs and that OM and ICE are going to be forces to deal with but what is the communities thoughts on the rebirth of amp (lolo, son of amp) ?

    IF amp still has life left in it do we have any xcoders here ?

    [I do php and have started to dibble in ruby but ... building a app has been a goal too)

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    I'm willing to invest time in this but I'd hate to just do this as a programming exercise for myself ...

    is there any interest in seeing this software go forward?