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  • AMP v1.0 Worklog


    - Added "AMP_WarDriving" plugin - accessible from the main Utilities menu
    - Added config option "Check for Internet Access" which will show a green light if internet is available, and a red light if it isn't. If this option is not selected, nothing will show.

    This version should install fine over your old version.
    If you want AMP to constantly be searching for networks while you are driving, and still want to play music, etc, then do the following:
    1. Start AMP
    2. Start the WarDriving plugin (and you'll want to enable "Auto Join Best Networks" option from within)
    3. Click "Hide" (not Back! - Back stops the plugin!)

    That's it.. Once you've enabled the "Check for Internet" option from within AMP, it will keep searching for the best networks, etc.. Pretty cool


    Source Code:
    Instructions: You should be able to copy it over and just start it up. If you notice any weird configuration problems, I would suggest nuking your entire ~/Library/Application Support/AMP directory (~ = your home folder). You should not have to re-import your music, pictures, or movies.

    Summary of Primary Changes:
    - Graphical "File-Open" for any "Open" buttons
    - Plugin Manager / App Launcher
    - "Colors" configuration option for the highlight bar (Thanks Raceer for the idea)
    - Show/Hide Mouse Cursor option
    - Tweaked some of the screens
    - Fixed all the previous mentioned bugs, with the pop-up "Now Playing" screen, etc
    - Wrote a new plugin example, more simple, sophisitcated..
    - I've been playing with this version for so long, you will notice other new things that I can't remember, or I did before I started using the changelog.txt

    Sep 6:
    - Added the graphical "File-Open" to the main AMP_AppDelegate

    Sep 4:
    - Added a "disabled" Eject button to the AMP_Utilities

    Aug 25:
    - Figured out how to do the graphical "File-Open"
    - Have implemented the graphical "File-Open" in AMP_PluginManager & AMP_Utilities

    Aug 24:
    - Wrote esentially the entire AMP_PluginManager

    Aug 23:
    - Added a whole new configuration option "Colors" to allow you to change the scroll bar color
    - Scroll bar has various presets, and saves in the configuration keys RGB_RED_VALUE, RGB_GREEN_VALUE, RGB_BLUE_VALUE
    - Method: - (void)setBarColorToRed: (float)redColor green: (float)greenColor blue: (float)blueColor added to OAGradientTableView.m
    - Added appropriate methods in AMP_Configuration.m

    Aug 18: (in the airport)
    - Replaced the "Use iTunes Visuals" option in the config screen with "Display mouse cursor"
    - Replaced "USE_ITUNES_VISUALS" with "DISPLAY_MOUSE_CURSOR" in the configuration options & set the default to "YES"
    - Changed the appropriate IBOutlet NSButton to configDisplayMouseCursorButton;
    - Removed the whole check for using iTunes's visuals in the AMP_VisualsModel.m source
    - AMP_App_Delegate.m: Added a conditional at the end of -awakeFromNib to hide the mouse cursor if so selected
    - AMP_Configuration.m: Added show/hide logic for the mouse cursor when user activates a file-open dialog box
    - AMP_VisualsModule.m: Fixed the bug about the "Music Control Window" not disappearing when the art was clicked on or whatever

    Aug 13:
    - Replaced startup graphic with AMPLoading.qtz
    - Added fade out / in after loading finished

    - Changed configuration string "Do not show Now Playing popup" to "Show 'Now Playing' Popup" [to remove negativity]
    - Changed the associated configuration key to "SHOW_NOW_PLAYING" (was "NO_SHOW_NOW_PLAYING")
    - Changed default setting of the configuation key "SHOW_NOW_PLAYING" to "YES"

    - Changed width of the "Music Control Window" [floater], and centered it
    - Added "Track x/x" to the "Music Control Window" via nowPlayingTrackNumber & nowPlayingTotalTracks (in AMP_KVC_Bindings.h/m)
    - Fixed the bug associated with the music position slider in the above window

    - Removed included "MiscWindowAnimations.m" [too slow, thanks Apple!]
    - Changed the alpha of BezelBox to 0.90 (was 0.85)
    - Added an AMP Icon to the "About" window
    - Moved the segmented bar graphics for the volume up 1 pixel (in the vertical middle now)

    - Started using changelog.txt (lol)

    To-Do: I have a lot of things on my To-Do list.. But I want to keep them a bit of a surprise. I still have a few things up my sleeve

    Note: I was contacted in e-mail by someone interested in doing a XM radio plugin. So, hopefully that will pan out

    Note: I'M SURE THERE WILL BE BUGS! We've added a ton of stuff, a lot of code, and a lot of new logic, and replaced a lot of the old ****, etc. So if you notice bugs, PLEASE POST THEM ASAP!

    - Aychamo

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    OMG!!! Yeah i think that sums it up nicely. I want a copy pease.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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      Where can we download this...this looks really good


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        holy crap wow! I love how it looks like it's part of FrontRow!

        Edit: wow that is one spooky image of the guy getting opened up :S lol

        Also, plan on adding any GPS functionality or radio functionality based maybe off of the RadioSHARK? maybe you can bace the GPS off of Roadnav: just imbed the app into the front end somehow... maybe get some help from the roadnav creater...
        MacCar progress:
        Planning:-----> [||||||||||||||||||||] 70%
        Parts:---------> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%
        Construction:-> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%

        Car broken into... progress is basically zip...


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          Here is the 0.0001 alpha release:

          Missing from this:
          - automated slide shows
          - play VIDEO_TS folders stored on your HD
          - audio visualizations ..
          - the "open" buttons for the import screen don't do anything yet (just realized this as I was typing this up)

          very simple.. Just run
          Click on the "dashboard" icon, and then on configure to set your paths. The defaults should be fine for basically 100% of users. Then click "Import" for each entry (itunes, iphoto, movies)

          Thats it.. And just play around and have fun. If anything acts weird, let me know. Remember, you can click (touch) on the volume icon to change volume.. Everything should be touch/click based right now.


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            That sir, is a fine piece of work.
            There are a number of Macheads that are going to love you.

            I gotta ask, though...

            Why do you have surgery pics in your car?!?!?!?!
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

            Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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              Originally posted by DarquePervert
              That sir, is a fine piece of work.
              There are a number of Macheads that are going to love you.

              I gotta ask, though...

              Why do you have surgery pics in your car?!?!?!?!
              lol I'm in med school, and I spent my whole undergrad working as "surgical assistant" for an orthopedic surgeon I know really well. I'd assist in surgery, holding instruments, holding retractors, just helping things run smoothly.

              That picture is from Nicaragua. The surgeon leads these "mission" trips (it's not associated with any church, it's just a small team of 4 of us) to Nicaragua several times a year to do hip and knee joint replacement surgery. We do about 30 joint replacements in a week down there. It's crazy. A hip or knee joint cost, just for the part itself, between $2,000 and $5,000. A Nicaraguan's average salary is like $3,000, so they could never afford it. But he gets money donated from all the big medical companies so that he can buy prostheses and go down there and do the surgeries.

              (I met my fiance there!)


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                yeah cant way to get my laptop back so i can try it.
                Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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                  Please see top of 1st post; just updated AMP to support radioSHARK (i think


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                    wow man you work fast! Very awesome, i sure wish i had some of your talents.
                    MacCar progress:
                    Planning:-----> [||||||||||||||||||||] 70%
                    Parts:---------> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%
                    Construction:-> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%

                    Car broken into... progress is basically zip...


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                      I'm thinking about releasing the source, so that people can build off of it and we can start getting some interesting front ends out there for the Mac. The only problem is the source is a pitiful mess (lol), and goes against everything that Cocoa programming should be (it's really horrendous). I'd be embarassed for you all to see it!

                      Any luck with it working for radioSHARK? I was feeling really bad this afternoon when I pounded it out and had some weird issues with it. I'll go over it again soon and try to weed out some problems and make it look nice. I'm just curious if it works though!


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                        Here's what I got rolling now for radioSHARK:

                        I'm in PMs with a guy trying to sortout the radioSHARK functionality, since I don't have an actual unit its a bit hard to debug it! lol, I'm ordering one soon though.

                        Some things about this UI. The up/down arrows are to scan up & down the frequences (seek, etc). If you click on AM it switches to AM, click to FM it switches to FM. And the six pre-set are obviously clickable, and will be editable too.

                        It's interesting sometimes developing for a touch screen application because you have limited space, but also need things to be obviously clickable. The area around buttons wastes a lot of space, and sometimes would just look even more like ****.

                        So, to note, I am horrible at photoshop.. If anyone has suggestions/improvements, please share!

                        Hmm, I guess that's about it!


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                          This morning I added the capability of playing back VIDEO_TS folders, and also to play protected video files purchased from Apple's iTMS.

                          I'll upload this version later today, along with some other changes I want to make. I'm also cleaning up the source code so that I can release it at a later date.

                          For playing VIDEO_TS folders, just put the folder with your VIDEO_TS folder in the top level of ~/Movies. So if you have like "Wedding Crashers DVD" ripped to your harddrive, put it as:

                          ~/Movies/Wedding Crashers DVD/VIDEO_TS

                          AMP will import it, and in the movie listings you will see "Wedding Crashers DVD". Just select that one to play, and the DVD will start up and play. Very simple.

                          With regards to Apple's protected video files (from iTMS): Apple has for some reason only allowed their own software (iTunes & QuickTime) to play back protected video files. Even though developers use the QuickTime frameworks, they can not access the protected video files. The only solution to this is quite inelegant. You have to make the movie play in QuickTime player. So that requires the loading of an external program (QuickTime). However, it works well and is more or less seamless. When a movie is playing in QuickTime player, if you want to exit the movie just click on the screen and drag the position slider to the end and it will exit out automatically. Not a bad implementation.

                          If anyone notices any bugs, please try your best to document exactly what the sequence of events was that lead up the bugs. Especially in the radioSHARK module, as I can't even test that. It's suprisingly difficult to implement something like that when you have no means by which to test it!

                          Ok, I have to study today guys. I have something nice i want to implement tonight, I hope I can get it in.


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                            wow you work fast. I tested the radioshark part of the program and it works awesome!



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                              I can't play downloaded iTMS videos from the itunes section... Do i need to somehow import them to the movies section for them to work?

                              EDIT: you shoud add some kind of quit button so you can get out of the program and ito the finder if needed... just a thought.
                              MacCar progress:
                              Planning:-----> [||||||||||||||||||||] 70%
                              Parts:---------> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%
                              Construction:-> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%

                              Car broken into... progress is basically zip...