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AMP 1.X Complete Source Code Release

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  • AMP 1.X Complete Source Code Release

    Hey guys

    This is the complete and final release of the entire AMP 1.X source code.

    It includes:
    AMP Utilities
    AMP Plugin Manager
    AMP WarDriver
    AMP Plugin Example

    NOTE: What I had of GPS (odd, buggy, and relatively functional) at the time of AMP1.X is included in the main source. There may be some odd things you'll see if you compile and run it. I don't know. It's why I could never work on the source with a cvs, because I just play around with a bunch of stuff at once and usually it all comes together. :-)

    Most code is reasonably well documented. Please remember this was my project to help myself learn Cocoa. All I had done before this was this really horrible flashcard program. So if you are learning Cocoa, I wouldn't use this as a guide for how to do things. Perhaps it should serve as a guide for how not to do things

    Without further ado, here is the link:

    PS - If you use any of this code to do any projects, I would just appreciate a shout-out, or at best a link to my new site, :-)

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    good decision..
    and what about TRMMP?

    (a.k.a. The Real Mac Media Player?)

    I cant' wait to play with it with my Wiimote!


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      im a newbie and i think i missed the posts (i get 404 errors to the or even the root please help. i would love 1.0 and 2.0 but would take anything i can get.