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    I have an iBook that i want to use as my media center and I don't like how iTV works. I like the iBook because I want to be able to connect to my external storage and work with any format of media. Apple Remote Desktop works well to control everything but I want AMP to run on the iBook. Can I control AMP from my couch?

    I have my powerbook around the house most of the time so I was thinking of creating a widget to remotely run AMP from wherever it is I am. ARD has a widget that I can snatch the code for dashcode to create my own but I'm pretty new to this, so I was hoping if I could get some advice from here. Is this the best way to go considering my setup? can it be done? I will teach myself to do it but I could use a little guidance.

    I know AMP isn't really used for this sort of thing but I see this as my best solution.

    edit: I'm hoping to be able to run AMP this way from an iPhone

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    anyone wanna start developing inputs to control AMP from applescript? If so then someone can develop(ill can do it as soon as someone codes in applscript) a Salling Clicker script for it and then I am sure a widget wont be too hard.


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      I think kindling is going to be able to beter handle media centers and applescript is usually slow and I believe that the amp plugin interface allows applications to send commands such as play/pause/skip. Wait for kindling and then see but thats just my $.02


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        we can just ahve something that makes amp play/pause the music?


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          Cool. Anyone know if we can develop for the iPhone?

          and excuse me, I'm new to this site but is Kindling the next version of AMP?


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            Kindling is V2 of AMP. Ive been reading that apple will NOT let devlopers make apps for the iPhone and that it will be unable to install 3rd party apps on it. I can't wait till they hack an AppleTV to run linux!!


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              I wouldn't be so sure about no developer interaction with the iPhone. It does run widgets, Steve hinted to more widgets being on their way and in my email today I got a message from Apple developer connection saying that there is new development software for widgets called dashcode. Apple obviously wants there to be more widgets, and wants them to be as powerfull as possible. I'm guessing this is for 1 of 2 things iPhone or Leapord. But thats just a hunch


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                dashcode is available to anyone right now, but will come standard with leopard.