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Bluetooth remote/joypad to control the iPad

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  • Bluetooth remote/joypad to control the iPad

    So as far as the iPad goes, bluetooth is the only game in town, if we're talking about remotes to control the iPad.

    So according to Apple, any bluetooth keyboard can connect and control the iPad. I attached the bluetooth profiles supported by these Apple devices:
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    So what does that mean? What we want is AVRCP and HID in this case. We want to be able to change tracks/volume/play/pause without/or only minimally moving our hands away from the steering wheel.

    With AVRCP we could use a watch to change tracks, for instance, like this Sony AVRCP enabled watch. Or a headset, or perhaps adapt one to use as a remote.

    According to the above table, note 1, iPhones do not support changing tracks (and other stuff, like displaying artist/song info). But it does not say anything about the iPad, so that's interesting.

    Anybody with such a headset (or watch) to test it?

    Anyhow, another option would be using a keyboard. In theory, the iPad should be able to pair with ANY bluetooth keyboard, but I've seen conflicting reports. I'll try to pair it with my diNovo mini and I''ll report back (edit: it seems to working fine).

    Ideally, I'd like to have a bluetooth version of the CarPC JoyCon EX. A computer sees the CarPC Joycon as a HID USB keyboard, so in theory an updated Joycon could be used with the iPad via bluetooth. This way I could use something like this one I'm using on the FX:

    For that to work though, one would have to know what key combinations could be use to control/send iPad's transport commands, IF there is any. Are there hotkeys to control iTunes? I don't know, it should be. So if there is iTunes running on the iPad, they should be same ones, I suppose...

    Another option would be the Logitech Mini, which is a bluetooth keyboard, but a tad unpractical to use as a keyboard.

    I also found this one:

    FrogPad - Bluetooth Keyboard Mini - Right Handed

    The Bluetooth FrogPad is one of the smallest mobile keyboards and the first to impliment practical use of a full keyboard. The mini bluetooth keyboard is one-handed enabling the typist to use the other hand to hold documents, tools, or objects. The connectivity for the bluetooth FrogPad allows the user to enter data on PDA, Laptop, PocketPC, and Smart Phone devices. The Bluetooth FrogPad is ideal for carputer (car computer) situations, and with bluetooth your wireless! Less wires to get in the way of the brake pedal! Bluetooth: Wireless Keyboard
    The Bluetooth FrogPad mini keyboard is presented with a unique key layout that is considered much easier to learn than QWERTY and much more effective for a small keyboard. FrogPads take advantage of the fact that 75% of typists dont touch-type instead they peck for the keys allowing the user of the FrogPad an unique opportunity for faster keyboard skills.
    The FrogPad is 3x5 inches and only weighs X ounces and is quite thin. With Bluetooth enabled FrogPad mini keyboards on the 2.4ghz frequency you can type up to 10m (30 feet) away from the connecting device.
    The The letter layout is based on the percent usage of the letters in the English language. There are fifteen letters used 86% by users, these are placed in the most efficient location. The overall layout uses the natural drumming motion of the hand to further optimize performance, enabling scalability for international languages.
    FrogPad is one of the smallest keyboards available. The FrogPad comes in Bluetooth(this page) and USB format, and if your looking for the USB small keyboard we have it also. These keyboards are perfect for car computer situations and those which you need to save space. These keyboards can be worn on your body, perfect for cyborg work situations where you are forced to inventory the computer stock room
    FrogPad comes with interactive tutorials for both Windows and Mac computers including detailed PDFs and programs for tutoring. You will be typing like a frog in no time with the small keyboard known as the FrogPad! This is not a QWERTY keyboard that is why the documentation is well done, and by using the FrogPad Bluetooth keyboard you are learning a new skill.
    (link) (currently unavailable).

    But for that one would have to edit keyboard controls on the yeah, the best option would be to program a device like Joycon with the help of a PC, save the presets in the hardware (as it is right now) then pair the device with the iPad.

    Or use a bluetooth remote control with ACRCP.

    BTW, there's a cydia app (4.99) that ads full AVRCP capabilities for the iPhone here.

    One more thing to add about the table above. iPad hids are only for keyboards only. And the PAN (Personal Area Network) profile is only for things like multi-player games. No file sharing or file transfers (by default, via cydia, etc. that's another story) via PAN.
    Worklogs: 08 Sequoia Platinum Carputer (In Progress!)
    Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

    07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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