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My iPad in the Sequoia

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  • My iPad in the Sequoia

    So finally I decided to use the pro-clip mounting solution to install my iPad in the Sequoia. I bought the expensive one with the pass-through cable to the dock connector, works like a charm. Very secure connection and very easy to slide the iPad in.

    Some pictures:

    1. Dash without the iPad:

    2. With the iPad holder in the landscape position:

    3. In the Portrait position:

    4. With the iPad in the landscape mode:

    5. With the iPad in the portrait mode:

    I haven't yet connected to the AV audio cable because I need to power it up via usb hub that gives me constant power even if the (tablet) computer is off or not present (there is an DCDC PSU (M4) behind the dash powering devices, see my signature for the details). But I plan to hide the cable behind the mount so that it stays completely out of the sight, and then I would just slide the iPad in no problem. As you can see on the video, this is a one hand operation:

    Here is the video:

    One advantage of this install is that you can use the iPad both on landscape and portrait mode. You can also fight glare easily, and when I want to use the keyboard input, I can tilt it horizontally enough to make it way more confortable.

    I'm going south tomorrow, Disney, and I going to use the tablet and the iPad for the entertainment. For now, the tablet will control the rear screens, but the tablet will not be in the car all the time, only on long trips (because it can access the 640GB local media HD).

    Very happy with it so far.
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