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05 350Z iPad install nearly finished

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  • 05 350Z iPad install nearly finished

    The goal of my project is to have my iPad installed in my dash to appear as it came from the factory with it.

    I decided to leave my radio in to preserve my bluetooth and reverse cam capabilities and to prevent me from having to buy another amp and crossover unit. Instead of mounting the iPad above it I decided to mount it in front of it. I had to move the wiring harness down and out of the way to tuck the radio further into the dash.

    After that I cut out the bar that separates the radio hole from the upper pocket hole to make room for the iPad and set it in for a test fit

    I saw that the charging port is going to require me to raise it up about an inch from where it sits in the pic.

    Next I had to decide on how to mount it. Having done fiberglass work in the past I wrapped some fleece around the dash piece and set the iPad in it.

    The top of the iPad sits level with the top of the pocket hole.

    Now i have to wait for a little bit warmer weather to fiberglass the back mount. Once that is finished I will fiberglass a front panel to go over the front of the iPad to clean up the look. Waiting for my A/V cable and bluetooth gps unit to come in. Should be here by the end of next week and hopefully I will be done with all the fabrication when it gets here

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    Back in the car for now

    Just waiting for the electronics now to finish the install


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      I must say I just learned something new as far as fiberglassing is concerned using fleece. Love the way your installation is looking so far. Will be following this thread to see how the finished product turn out.
      Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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        Fleece or some other stretchy material is the only way to go when it comes to doing compound curves like this install or building speaker boxes (hint at my next project)


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          amazing work on the install.

          I'm looking to do something similar, though I want to replace my double din unit completely and just have the iPad.

          Just a couple of questions, when driving the car, does the ipad stay put or does it ever fall forward? Mesojdm did a similar install but he had 2 flaps which keep the ipad in place.

          Also, I've never done any fibreglass work, how hard is it? I've done installs (most subs/amps) in the past and built sub boxes before, so not afraid of a challenge!


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            Replacing the head unit is phase 2 most likely with it landscape. It doesn't fall but I dont get on the gas too much. It's not hard just have to take your time and do it small areas at a time if you are new to it


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              Nice install, i want to do this ipad install, and i have the pioneer 3200bt headunit like you have. I have 2-4ch amps and 1 sub amp, what cable did you buy? or what all did you buy in order for the ipad to work with the pioneer unit? Also if you watch movies on the ipad will they show up on the pioneer as well? thanks.


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                the ipad will work if you plug it straight into the usb port on the headunit but doesnt support full charging. i just used a av composite cable with the usb charging from amazon i think it was about $5 but it didnt support full charging it basically just kept the battery from draining as fast as it would with no charger. as far as watching movies on it i only used the ipad and have the radio hidden behind it so never really worried about having dual playback but there is a jailbroken app i forget exactly what name it is called something like mirror tv or mirror out that will allow video output on the ipad and external screen at the same time.

                btw a little update on this i have decided to scratch my original setup in favor of a landscape setup and will be ditching the radio entirely and using a 7band eq and 4 channel amp in its place. i have solved the problem of not supporting full charging by making my own av cable (a very tedious soldering process). sorry i wont have many build pics of this one as i got in too big of a hurry to get working on it to worry about finding my camera. i may end up reworking this one as well if i can figure out how to get a back up cam working on the ipad (actually pretty close to this)