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My new proposed Apple car project

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  • My new proposed Apple car project

    As many of you probably know if you follow these forums I have an 05 350z and I am a total tech and music junkie and have already installed an ipad in the dash and now i want more. So I have started planning a new project for my car.

    This project will include 1 iPad, 4 iPod touches, 1 iPhone. The 350z comes stock with three gauges on the center of the dash that display information about fuel mileage, tire pressure, oil pressure, voltage and other parameters. What I plan to do is replace those 3 gauges with 2 iPod touches to display the previously mentioned parameters. Then I plan on replacing the actual gauge cluster with an appropriate sized screen and mimics control attached to the 3rd iPod touch to display speed, rpm, and fuel level. The first question I have about this is can the kiwi obd + wifi send information to more than one device at the same time? And do any of the skins for dash command show oil pressure? I haven't been able to find one so I'm assuming I will have to make my own which I probably will anyway bc I dont really like any of the skins already available for it.

    The 4th iPod touch will be mounted on the rear of the car to serve as a reverse cam. The video will be displayed on the iPad and will be triggered by putting the car into reverse vs manually activating it. That is unless I can find a stand alone wifi webcam that can be easily viewed on the iPad.

    I will have a mobile hotspot device (most likely Verizon as i hate AT&T) to have internet connection. And the iPhone will have a dock in the center console and be connected to the cars speakers using a scosche bt1200 which will mute and potentially pause the iPad music when I get a phone call. And hopefully by the time I'm finished apple will have made some way for the iPhone and iPad to interact with calls and texts like the bb playbook.

    Sorry about the long post but feel free to chime in with any ideas or critiques of this project.
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    Why would you use an ipod as a camera, why would you use ipods as your dash, the ipad makes sense, but what is the rest doing in there?
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