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Stream video from iphone to ipad?

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  • Stream video from iphone to ipad?

    What I would like to do: I have my ipad setup in my truck and car to watch movies on trips and what not. it is only 16 gb though so i don't have alot of room for video. I would like to stream video from apps like netflix, hulu, abc, nbc... ect from my iphone 4s to the ipad. I know there is a jailbroken app called airserver that turns an idevice into an airplay reciever. this is a good start. however i think that you have to have a wifi connection between the two for it to work. so what i am thinking is to have a router in my car in ad hoc mode and connect the two. (im not sure how) but i think you can connect the two while still using the iphone's data connection. I realize that i could just use hotspot but i have heard that att cracks down on that so this would be the "legal" and cheap way to do it. another concern i have is that not all 3rd party apps have airplay enabled, they use their own video players, so it would have to mirror the iphone. is this possible?

    I plan on downloading airserver and messing around with it this weekend. Just wondering if anyone has tried this?

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    tried airserver out, it works well. some apps arent airplay compatible so they only send audio to the ipad.
    still need to try the router in the car and see if i can do this while on the 3g