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  • iPad Mini + Dension

    I have a iPad Mini 2 Retina 4G that is always left connected to my car through Dension Gateway 500 via 9 pin din to apple 30 pin dock connector with a original Apple 30 pin to lightning convertor adapter in-between.

    The problem I’m having is keeping the iPad fully charged whilst driving and streaming music via Apple music and using TomTom Go navigation app all at the same time. Is there a way I can increase the power output by adding something in-between or modifying the cable without losing the Dension car control features?
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    Installed Dension Ipod Booster for GW 500 (10 Pin) (IPB1DIN) it increases charging current from 0.5 amp to 1 amp and it does charge slightly faster when iPad is in sleep mode with screen off but doesn't help when it's in full use. I opened the adapter up to see if I can figure out a way of swapping some components out with ones from a 2.4 amp 12 watt USB cigarette lighter adapter but have no clue. Someone must have done something similar before on here?