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  • OBD - Rev 2.0

    True. Here's Rev2.0 link.

    And some pictures:

    Worklogs: 08 Sequoia Platinum Carputer (In Progress!)
    Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

    07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)

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    Here is a short demo of Rev2.0 on my Ipad:

    If I had to rate this app, I would give it a 4 out of 5. It has a very basic skin set that you can only customize by a few color changes. You can monitor 5 metrics at a time and choose the layout as you see fit.

    Highlights: Ability to record and email file to analyze
    Track day function
    Ability to read and clear engine codes
    Wifi connection is very reliable(using PLXdevices kiwi device) and very little signal delay

    Lowlights: Lack of customization
    Somewhat limited number of actual metrics to monitor


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      Thanks for the video. (Boy, that install looks sick, very cool).

      My Toyota, but specially the Infiniti, have pretty advanced electronics (eg. bar graph to display average fuel consumption for multiple trip computers, etc.), so I have pretty much everything convered, and OBD data is either useless or redundant. I mean, if you have a turbo, intercooler, some info can be great, but not for me. I really wish it could display current gear in Auto mode though. My cars are quiet, can't hear the engine much, and I think that's a cool thing to have. That's what would make me rush to buy it.

      Otherwise I'm here thinking I should install rev just for the wow factor. I mean, you can't say the iPad is not integrated to your car when you can link to the obd, use the gps and display the data with such cool graphics.

      Actually that's the thing with most iPad apps. Graphics are TOP notch. In the carpc world, we have some sort of disconnect: great programmers with lame graphic abilities and great designers/skinners, that do not code much or beyond what's need for skinning. We even have great functional skins, but that still look dated...Maybe an app store could make people work together more and create more synergy? I digress (as always).

      Thanks for the review. I wonder if rev can work with cheaper ebay found wifi/obd modules (if there is any?).


      Worklogs: 08 Sequoia Platinum Carputer (In Progress!)
      Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

      07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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        Nate, I'm actually really surprised how well your gauges track.

        If you'll notice, there are small green "LEDs" by each gauge, and they flash every time that the data point gets updated. When running multiple gauges, updating on each individual one has slowed dramatically on my iPad.

        Forward Acc
        Lateral Acc
        Fuel Consumption

        I was getting Boost updates as slow as 2x per second! However, when I removed all of the other gauges and had Boost only, it tracked nice and smooth. Have you experienced this at all?

        It's definitely something to think about when you're considering Rev. I'm not sure if it's a limitation of the bandwidth of the wifi signal (using a Kiwi Wifi), but it has been a factor for me.


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          I think it is a limitation of the OBDII port. The more stuff you monitor, the slower it updates.
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          I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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            I actually have not noticed any lag on the Ipod or Ipad when monitoring 5 things at once. I have an Aeroforce interceptor scan gauge also connected to my OBDII port and I've tried using a splitter cable to hook both up at the same time.When I do that, I can't even get the plx device to connect properly even though I ran dedicated power to the scan gauge. I don't understand why it won't work because I have had a dual scan gauge setup that splits the connection and it functioned flawlessly.