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App for auto pause/sleep??

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  • App for auto pause/sleep??

    Hi all.

    I use an iPad 1 + Pure i-20 (optical out) in my car and I'm looking for a way to automatically put my device in sleep mode when I turn off the car.
    When the i-20 loose power the music pause (or the player crash depending on player) but the navi app is still running even if I "turn off" the iPad w/ the sleep button.

    Is there an app @ appstore (or other solution) that could sense AC-disconnect and paus/stop/shutdown all running app's and then put the iPad to sleep?

    Best regards L.

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    If you are talking about all running apps, no. As a developer, on my app I've been working on over here, I have designed it so that when the cable is either unplugged or there is no more power supplied, all of my processes are paused/stopped.


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      If it is jailbroken you can disable multitasking (may or may not be what you are looking for as I find the multitasking and 4finger swipe gesture to be quite useful) and there is an app called plugged in on cydia that senses when it is charging or not and can be setup to launch a certain app when it is plugged in and play your music. When it is unplugged it will pause your music and it can be set to close the launched app. A good example of how this could work is by using navigon as your navigation app as it allows iPod control from the app itself. So if you were to disable your multitasking and set it to close your opened app when unplugged it would close navigon completely and pause your music. Then it could be set to automatically launch navigon whenever it is charging


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        Not sure if this is of any help.
        I've just upgraded Activator (Cydia)
        And there is now a function for connection and disconnection of power supply.


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          I'm on 4.3.5 so I didn't jailbreaked my iPad until yesterday and now I'm very pleased! Using "ScreenDimmer" to dim my screen and prevent the iPad from locking when on external power, "Aktivator" to simulate sleep button press on power disconnect, "NoLockScreen" to remove the annoying "Slide to unlock" and so on.
          I have also found a navi-app (Sygic @ Swedish apple app store) that have the possibility to turn off GPS when in background for a specific time, very nice feature.
          Together w/ the i-20 that pause music @ power disconnect and the feature that the iPad return from sleep (w/o the lock screen) when it gets power everything is kind of working very well. Except that my favorite streaming music program (Spotify) don't come in an iPad friendly version and 90% of the time crash when paused by the i-20 due to power disconnect, but I hope that this will be fixed in a later release.

          Best regards L


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            To clarify..
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