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WorkAround for Audio BUG coming back from SLEEP

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  • WorkAround for Audio BUG coming back from SLEEP

    Some of yo may have noticed that ICE3 is not playing any music or sound after coming back from Sleep or DeepSleep(hibernate).

    I was for my self experiencing this 2 out of 3 times I started my Mini. When this happens, ICE3 needed to be restarted.

    sdashiki posted in another thread that he didn't experienced this "BUG" and had his Volume on startup set to 100%. I simply went in my car and changed that settings from 80% to 100%.


    It's been more then a week now and didn't experienced the issue yet....

    That simple WORKAROUND made my day and I thank sdashiki for that!!!

    I hope this workAround will works for you guys too.
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