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  • Need Your Opinion for Playlist support

    So one of the big things that I doing in the new version of NAS is to add playlist support. I want to make this process as simple as possible for the end user, so i need some feedback from you guys as to what would be the easiest process.

    here are my ideas, please feel free to offer your own methods/ideas.

    theoretically, any combination of these ideas could be added together and implemented into NAS.

    build the playlist in itunes (or any other desktop music app) to be imported by NAS:
    pro: This option would be the easiest on my as a programmer. As far as itunes is concerned it just outputs a simple xml file with a list of songs in the playlist. NAS would easily be able to convert that list and build out a playlist accordingly
    con: You wont be able to build a playlist on the fly.

    build the playlist inside of NAS:
    pro: The user would be able to build a playlist at anytime inside of the car
    con: time consuming for me as i would have to build out the UI to handle this functionality. Tedious for the user to have to build out a playlist on a ~7" screen.

    obviously the best scenario would be to mix the two options to cover all angles, however, what i need to know from you guys is if you would even want to try and build out a playlist while sitting out in your car on a ~7" screen?

    once again, i am totally open for any ideas, any of you have.
    Thanks in advance for your input!
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    IMO you should provide the option for playlist editing in-car. I can't count the number of times I've wanted to add a song, or remove a song from a playlist, so I conveniently do so at the next stop light, presto.

    As you said, a combination would be the best scenario, the option to import playlists from iTunes, and then edit them in-program.
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      ok so now i have determined that i am going to implement both methods of playlist creation. I will support itunes-exported (xml format). speaking of xml formats - i am planning on writing a xml parser that will look for names of songs and then match that to what is in your library. this will give you the option to export your playlist from any app that can export to xml. This will also let you import a playlist that contains songs that may not appear in your library (in case you were to make a playlist off of your laptop that has songs that you haven't yet transfered to your car). i plan to make this feature optional (in the case that you create a playlist from your laptop that contains songs that don't currently reisde on your car, but will at some point). In this scenario the parser will just do a direct port of the playlist and skip songs that don't exist during playtime.

      Of course then i plan to implement the ability to add/delete songs to these playlists. The idea i have is to have as few buttons to press as possible to get this done. my idea is to have a button that gives you an option to add the currently selected song to a playlist, this would intern bring up a list of saved playlists, select one bam. while listening to a playlist, you could select the song you no longer want in that playlist and hit "remove" to automatically drop it out of that list.

      here is where i need your opinion again. with the aforementioned plan, there is no option to create a playlist from scratch. My biggest concern for implementing the feature to start from scratch is the naming of said playlist. unless someone has a keyboard hooked up at all times, which i am assuming most people don't, then it i will have to implement an onscreen keyboard (yes i know there are onscreen keyboards out there for most OSes, but i those can be very cumbersome to get to quickly). So here are my options for this use case:

      1 - continue with the plan above, allowing only the modification of already saved playlists.
      2 - provide the ability to create playlists from scratch and then let the software auto-gen a name for the playlist (somewhat like what ipods do with the On-the-go playlist naming convention)
      3 - bite the bullet and code an onscreen keyboard to allow the user to name the playlist anything they want
      4 - screw the user! let them find their own keyboard solution!

      right now i am leaning toward option #2 as that woud give the most functionality with the least amount of overhead.

      please let your opinons/wants be known!
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        I would like the ability to create a playlist from scratch, and I think #2 is a good ideain that regard, and maybe you could allow the playlist name to be changed when and if a keyboard is hooked up.