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  • Introduction

    QCar is a Mac OS X front-end, based on the older TatraApp, whose development started back in 2002. It is written using Objective C language and Cocoa framework and is very open. The main application provides environment for modules, that can then implement the functionality for the user. The modules are standard Cocoa bundles and can communicate with the application or with each other (using notification). The application also creates an abstract layer between modules handling connections to particular hardware devices and modules that process or display the values from these devices.

    The whole application can be controlled using basic 4 actions that can be mapped to various controls. We prefer 3Dconnexion Space Navigator, but we can also use any mouse with a scroll wheel, steering wheel buttons or a touch screen (although we do not like touch screens at all).

    At the moment, there are following modules available:

    QCar - service module, that handles some layout-related functions, sound control (volume, fade, balance), sleep, ejection of removable media etc.

    Music player - can play all formats supported by QuickTime, including DRM-protected files from Apple store. It uses iTunes library and can also play tracks from an attached mass storage device.

    Movie player - similar to Music player, also QuickTime based and supporting all QT formats.

    Navigation - there are actually two navigation modules. One reads pre-planned routes from a kml file and displays the position using Google Maps, the other one is a full navigation module, based on TeleAtlas or Navteq maps (depending on region).

    Tracking beacon - this module sends the position info to a tracking server ,which can then visualize the car movements (using GoogleMaps or similar services).

    Car monitor - configurable module, that can display information about temperatures, battery (voltage, current) etc.

    Phidgets connector - module that handles connection to Phidgets boards. We use these boards to monitor car's basic sensors and also to control the software using steering wheel buttons (in our Saab and Range Rover). It can also be used to connect Sony joysticks to the computer.

    SpaceNavigator - our own driver for the SpaceNavigator. We can use all the axes and buttons without relying on 3rd party software. Sensitivity, dead zone, repeat speed - this can all be customized in the settings of this module.

    NMEA connector handles connections to NMEA-compatible GPS receivers - USB, serial, Bluetooth... Can also display some basic information such as current position, speed, satellite status etc. It is the primary source of the information about the car's position, used by some other modules.

    OBD connector - this module can read basic OBDII info that can later be displayed using the car monitor module. However we do not like OBDII that much and prefer our own EDC01 board connected directly to car's sensors and fuel injection controls.

    Stop watch - regular stop watch with two lap times and instant reset (reset & run)

    POP3 &*IMAP4 - these modules connect to remote mail servers and retrieve mail.

    Messaging - a module that displays the messages received from various sources (e-mail, SMS). It can browse the messages, mark them as read, delete them or read them aloud using built-in speech synthesis.

    Voice memo recorder - a simple audio recorder

    Power manager - module that handles wake-up and sleep controls. It can work with P1900 PSU + Phidgets board or (preferred setup) with a P2140 PSU which it controls directly over USB.

    Although QCar as such is a closed-source commercial product, the module API is fully documented and exposed and modules can easily be written using Xcode and QCar SDK.

    Modules that we are working on:
    Phone control connector for Bluetooth phones, will also be able to simulate handsfree so the calls can be made using computer's audio devices (and eventually recorded if desired).

    Video recorder - just waiting for Leopard and improved QuickTime APIs

    VoIP/SIP module - module itself is no big deal, but the availability of mobile internet connection, usable for VoIP is still not that good, so it is a rather low priority.

    Navigation II The improved navigation module should also allow transmissions of position between two or more QCars.

    Mail module - at the top of the current functionality, this module should allow us to send e-mails. Either common mails, typed on a keyboard, or mails with recorded voice memo's as attachments.

    Demo of QCar (fully functional, but quits after 10 minutes) can be downloaded from

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