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  • XM radio support

    I will be sitting in Philly the whole November, so I thought this would be a good time to work on the support for US satellite radios. Is there a chance to get the receivers for a month or so without buying the boxes and the subscriptions?

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    I dont know about the box, but I know that you can get the free "preview" channel on any unactivated radio so you shouldnt need a subscription to check signal, however I do not know if you can change the channel. If I remember right you can change the channel then the radio will automatically switch back to the preview channel.


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      I've got an XM Direct box sitting at home that you could use, but I'm on the road and won't stop by the house again until Nov 10th. If you could still use it that late let me know and i'd be happy to let you borrow it (i'd have to ship it from Nebraska).
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