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Bluetooth Mobile Handsets & Internet - A Small App - Testers Required

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  • Bluetooth Mobile Handsets & Internet - A Small App - Testers Required

    UPDATED 07/03/07 2100: OK - Started to get my old skills back... knocked this up...

    Function: To solve an in Carpc problem with Bluetooth phones and hibernation. On run reads ini file for name of connection, optional run programe & wait times, disconnects current named RAS connection, waits, runs optional programe, dials out new connection, ends.

    Ok - Past the beta version now - first release v3.1 now includes the option to run a programe and how that programe is run ( see the readme. So an example of this would be if you where using this proggy to fix a touch screen issue how ever decide to use this app in place of touchkit.exe and so it runs after hibernate & then runs the touchkit.exe file..... because thats what I'm doing
    Please feel free to test and get back to me...

    To ensure that the dial up connection requires no interaction ensure that on the connection your using under properties that the screen looks like this.... NB you can change the amount of retries if you wish.

    You also need to change the ini file to reflect your dial up connection name as well.

    Re the delay - I'm working on that as I don't know the units its using but it does seem to work.


    This is how it started...................

    All - I'm looking for some one to knock up a very small but simple app which I think other users may find handy especially where they use mobile Internet with a handset and Bluetooth....

    Problem - I have ( Like many others ) is that I use my Internet through my mobile over Bluetooth. I say its a problem because if you hibernate when using BT to a phone it still thinks its connected when the machine is booted back up ... which its Internet does not work and it becomes a pain to reconnect.

    So - the request is for a progame to do the following ( and if you look at Steveigs Mobileweb source the coding for the most part should be there... ( I think) )

    1) Check for hibernation status - on return check to see if the system is dialed up ( I guess by checking for the default dial up connection status )
    2) If it is connected and if it is disconnect the dial up connection.
    3) An option to dial straight back out ( possibly giving the option for a delay ) once disconnected.

    Optional Extra ?

    4) Maybe have an option to run another program once connected / out of hibernation in maximised or minamised format?
    5) SDK control for when progs interact or need internet / internet status ? ( EG Enforcers Traffic Cams app ? )

    Origonal Thread Here -

    Thanks in advance

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    Updated it to a full release and added a new programe run function too...

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