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anybody tv/fm card troubles

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  • anybody tv/fm card troubles

    Ok so I finally bought a radio/tv card, it's great good reception both tv & radio but...

    I want to integrate it's capabilities into my own app, especially the radio part, which supports RDS. I've been searching the web forever, but I just can't find any programming info for this card and/or chipset.

    The card is a typhoon anubis TView RDS ( , using these chips:

    TDA9873H soundprocessor
    SAA6588t RDS-decoder
    Temic 3x7 488 tuner
    conexant fusion 878A videoprocessor

    if any body has any information about programming this card please help me. I'm looking for source code in any language (pref. VB but if in another language I'll port it to vb).
    The card is the same as a KNC-One blahblah RDS. The included software was written by this company (globeTV & globeFM), I've tried to understand the assembly, but that is just to hard with all the included DLL's.
    What I do know is that it (the programs) only use the DLL for "standard" windows operations. The hardware is controlled from the exe files directly...

    Looking at the sourcecode, the exe was compiled from a file with a ".pdb" extension, which doesn't ring a bell, do any off you know what kind of file this is? (so that maybe I can find a decompiler)

    I've written an email to KNC-one, but got no reply, which doesn't surprice me since I was asking for source code ...

    help me? please?

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    any luck on this?

    the price on the card doesnt seem to bad, except i cant find a US distributor. If this things works well on the move, I'd love to go and pick it up now.
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