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  • pocket pc plugin for front ends

    To those who are developing front ends... are there any plans of making a plugin for pocket pc users? My request is very simple. An option in the front end to display my pocket pc screen.

    A neafty (freeware) program called Remote Display Control has this ability to display my pocket pc screen on my desktop and from there accept my click and type commands. The downside of this application... it does not have a full screen function. Only zoom (1x, 2x,3x), wherein by the time you have selected 2x or 3x, the bottom portion of your pocket pc screen is already cut.

    The advantage that I see in embedding the pocket pc screen on a front end is by fully utilizing other functionalities of your pocket pc (ie phone fuction, gps etc).

    Anyway, I hope that this would generate some interest to some of the developers.

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    if you use roadrunner, this should be quite easy to embed. have a look at the notepad example, and you shoudl be able to do this yourself fairly quickly.
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      I have tried it... even with mobile impact. If I would to just simply launch the application from there it does not utilize the entire full screen (only a portion of it). This is the limitation of Remote Display Control.

      I hope that somebody could create such a similar application with a full screen function or better yet include it directly as one of the options in the front end.