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  • What OS should i use

    Hey i was wondering what OS i should use for my mp3player. I have a pentium 133 with 32 megs of Ram. All i want to be able to do is boot up automatically into a program that plays mp3's and control it form there. I am no software wizard so any ideas would help.
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    i'd go with 98lite. that'll bootup pretty fast and you could auto start say winamp instead of the windows explorer. If you don't know 98lite is a stripped down version of 98. Basically they took out all the trash 95% of users will never use.
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      I'd use good ol' DOS. I did for my P150 w/ 48 MB system and it worked great for a year until I got some better stuff. It boots quick and you're not troubled with shutdown problems. Just flick a switch.


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        where do I download/purchase this 98lite? is there a dos way of doing this with some kind of gui interface or is it just command line? thanks,,dan


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          Well, if you want a GUI, can we assume that you have a graphical display? even so, what are you REALLY going to display on a screen connected to a P133?? for DOS, MPXPLAY, isn't really graphical, but its good, or, you could use... umm... I forget... but it had a good menu system that was nade to look like windows, sorta..
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            Problems with dos

            I have had absolutly nothing but problems so far with DOS. I tried mpxplay and MCAS and neither of them came close to working. I am so DOS guru so unless someone can show me a realy simplified install of this im gunna go with 98 lite if i can find it.
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