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  • VB and Winamp

    I'm finally getting around to coding my own MP3 software after seeing what others have produced here. Is the best method using VB is with a control or Winamp? I want to give all the info from the ID3 Tags and be able to list my MP3's as directories. I wil have a Albums/Playlist button. When I hit the button then my list of albums will be displayed where I can scroll down and see what I want. I select an album and then the album window will turn into the playlist window. Then I can select my song. I want to be able to use a touchscreen and all the apps I've seen don't seem to be touchscreen friendly.

    Any idea where I can get help with this? The most difficult part so far is how do I load the album info and keep track of that the playlist. There is an Albumlist plugin which has an API and I was wondering if I can use that so I can just reference what is has listed.
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    Yo PBMax,
    I'm at the same stage as you, I've decided to use Winamp (with a C++ DLL plugin) for three reasons:

    1. because I wanted to use the Geiss vis plugin (or milk/smoke)
    2. I'm using a custom keyboard (buttons round the screen, no touchscreen).
    3. I can play my own custom playlists, movies etc. load up new MP3s and divx's over the wireless lan, precreate taglists etc. (in complete control, guess I'm a control freak).

    If you are thinking of using Winamp then check out their forum over at as it's quite big and has good support for VB


    • #3 has lots of winamp/VB stuff.. thats usually my first point of call for any code samples I am after..

      also the winamp NSDN has a VB winamp example (altho not a complete one)
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