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    Ive written most of mystuff in vb6 for simplicity, but .net seems to offer initially a much smarter debugger and a host of other features (mutithreading)
    ive gotten a bad taste in my mouth whenver i heard .net in the past, maybe thats because of other apps written on the forum that always seemed to crash and was in part to bad code,
    but do you feel .net apps have a place on a car pc or should i try porting to something new or KISS with VB6
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    Hi m8, having played with (2005) for a bit.. it aint all that bad.. BUT I still do prefer VB6 to be honest.. Go and grab the VB Express from MS (its free) and have a play, theres quite afew nice things about it, but then afew nasty things.. they are beta testing Framework 3 at the moment.. Once you get over the build crap and get familiar with the IDE things make more sense.. I do think however VB6 will still be about for a few more years and .net will only become the norm when vista is the most popular installed os..
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      .net 3.0 is actually final and released, has been since Vista was released. lots of cool stuff in 3.0, but 2.0 is fine too. I'd hate life if I ever had to look at VB6 code again....I prefer C#, but am stuck using VB.NET in the current project I'm on. For personal stuff I only use C#. The tools are much better, but really so is the language and the framework.
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        I second the motion for c#. Love the C#.
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          I love .NET. I was just offered a job to code in C++ though so it sounds like I might be switching again C++ is great but C# is sooo much easier.
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            I was a hardcore VB6 user before, but I'm now fully converted to C#. You have alot more control with C# and can get things done in ALOT less time.


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              *cough* c# *cough*

              and as a added bonus once you understand c syntax and oop you can switch to any almost any other language with relitive ease.

              *nudge* doit!
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                CarNetix PSUmoni2140 is in .NET 2.0 using C#..... (API coming soon....)


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                  Have any of you made the following example work?

                  I have been trying and i can't make it work.
                  I am working with C# 2005 (WinXP - StreetDeck v1.0.6.3)
                  Can somebody help me please?



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                    .NET is far superior to VB6 in most ways except for the learning curve (always present when using new products). You have all of the .NET classes to work with and the framework is faster than VB runtime. You also have a much slicker IDE.

                    BTW, any C# code can be converted to VB.NET and vise versa. They all interpret to the same intermediate language. So code in whatever you like, it is just preference.
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                      C# Ftw!
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                        Tank cat Ftw!!

                        ...sorry, couldn't help myself...
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