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    Hey i finally got my comp up and runnin. I only have DOS , my sound drivers and mpxplay on the comp. but my boot time is like 1 minute. is this normal for dos? it takes awhile booting up the drivers but i dunno if i can take them off or not. And also at bootup it checks my memors 3 times instead of 1. how can i fix that.
    werd to ya momma

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    Sounds like your motherboard is not set for fast POST. You will need to get into the BIOS at boot up (sometimes says press Fx for setup, the function key varies by motherboard manufacturer) and look for where to make it scan memory only once. You can also turn off a lot of things in BIOS that willhelp speed up POST time. Just be careful what you change, because you could easily change something that will keep your computer from booting properly. If you're not sure, DON'T change it, and live with the boot time. With a similar configuration, I had boot times of around 30 secs (power to music).


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      i need more!!!

      hey dude that helped alot. i think it took 12 seconds off and its only checkin memory once now. but it still takes 45 seconds to boot.... what else is there to change in bios. i really have no idea what 3/4 of the crap is in tehre and i dont wanna mess up my HD cause it took me so long to get it workin.
      thanks again
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        Boot Order

        If you don't think you will need to boot off of a floppy disk, then you can try chaging the order in which the computer boots... most will check the floppy drive and CD-rom before it boots the OS on the harddrive to see if there is anything in them to boot from since they are used as repair tools. What I mean is if you are having problems you can load a boot disk or cd of some kind in order to try and fix the machine. If you have problems you can go back into the bios and change it back to fix the machine... so try ching the hard drive to the first thing on the list to be "booted" That way you aren't wasting time checking the floppy or spinning up the cd-rom for anything. It goes straight to the hard drive. That could also be a reason for a slower boot (the hard drive) if it is older and runs at a lower RPM it will take longer to access everything. Replacing it with a 7200 RPM hard drive should improve boot times. Hope these help, if anyone can explain the "boot order" more clearly please help me out, im tired and can't think straight.
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          whoa daddio

          well it turns out after taking one file out of autoexec that my boot time decreased by 20 seconds. it only takes 25 from boot to music now. Some crappy PnP soundcard crap did that.
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