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looking for hackers/ w32 assembly kings

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  • looking for hackers/ w32 assembly kings

    so I have this great TV/radiocards which is also capable of showing RDS data, which is the main reason I bought this card. I thought the software would be based on DLL's but it isn't. well it uses DLL to for IO with the PCI, but it doesn't have a "RDS.DLL" which has a simple "getRDSdata" function, everything is hardcoded.
    Now I know my way around assembly, but w32 assembly is just too hard for me....

    I'm looking for someone to write me a DLL or simply rewrite the original assmebly to pseudo code.
    I'm willing to pay for this.. please let me know!

    file to hack :http:///

    please help me!!
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    I'm pretty sure that whoever is going to do the reverse engineering on this software will have to have this radio card u speak of, to see if the hack will actually work or not. I don`t have this card, and I am not sure if I currently have the abilty to do this, so your best bet is to probably DIY... Anyway here's some tips to get u started if u choose that route:

    1) Download and learn to use an assembley debugger called Numega Softice (it`s all over the net), it`s amazingly powerful, but a bit of a ***** to use at first. If the software you are talking of stores the rds data in a specific memory address/location, you could find it with softice, and program your software to access this memory location.

    2) Look at a few reverse engineering articles (again, all over the net), and you should be able find all the info u need to do this. Fravia's page of reverse engineering was exellent, but it`s not there anymore... Theres still a few mirrors around tho, and has articles for almost all abilities.

    If u attempt this, good luck!
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