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  • Best Frontend for large media collection

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the process of building a carpc, and while I'm waiting for components to arrive I've been playing with different front ends. I have a song collection of almost 6000 songs, which I would be surprised to find is smaller than a lot of veterans on here.

    So far I've tried out Frodoplayer and Road Runner, and have mixed feelings about both. Frodoplayer is certainly easier to use, which I probably say as I have yet to be able to successfully build a database of songs in RR (yes, I have directed the configuration file to the correct folder, but I can't get songs to show up in the window, and the lack of mouse over popup action in RR makes guessing what some buttons do at all pretty difficult). A road runner tutorial for apparently complete idiots would be nice, or at least a walkthrough of what buttons do...

    Anyway, this post isnt about my RR ineptitude. I run iTunes on my home computer, which organizes and labels files according to the Folder heirarchy, the ID3 information, and when lacking all other information, simply the file name. My itunes library is fairly well organized, but the file names alone obviously don't reflect that.

    I guess to summarize this post...
    Frodo and RR looking at itunes organized music = crap.

    Surely someone else must have encountered this, is there anything you guys have done short of mass constant reorganization to solve this? A better front end? Simply using itunes? Different configuration?

    Thanks guys.

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    you know, when I first started out I had the same problem. Including podcasts, my itunes library is well over 4,000 "songs" It's about 3,000 songs and about 1,000 podcasts. Getting that organized into winamp/roadrunner is something that challenges me to this day. I don't really have an answer for you, other than to just keep working on it until you find something that works for you. I ended up seperating out the podcasts into their own folder in "my documents" and using the multiple audio location file that you can create to see them inside rr. I then reorganized most of my music into "my music" folder by artist and left the onesies and twosies in the itunes folder as "all music"

    good times


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      i think i just found the answer: Centrafuse. good searching.


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        yeah, centrafuse is cool, but not that customizable, and the skin isn't too hot IMO. I used centrafuse for a while cause it's really easy to set up, but in the end I went to roadrunner for the extensibility and features. Actually, it was lsx's void skin that made me come back after having used centrafuse for like 5 months


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          I use RR with a 15,000 track database of mp3s. I've never used Itunes. How does itunes organize music? As long as its gene/artist/album/track you should be good. As for using the buttons in RR every skin is different. You kind of have to read a bit on the forums and play around with it.
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            yeah.... So, itunes (as with everything Apple) does its own thing -- if you let it organize your music for you.

            It puts everything inside an itunes music folder and sorts it by artist, but only if the artist name exactly matches -- so if you have, say, chemical brothers and chemical bros. It thinks those are 2 separate artists and gives them 2 folders. Inside of that, it keeps the individual albums for the artist and obviously the songs are inside the album folders. Genre and stuff are tags that you can use for smart playlists, and you can sort your library when itunes is open by genre if you like, but it won't organize the music that way.