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custom windows PE on hard drive

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  • custom windows PE on hard drive

    I've been working with Windows PE time after time. Well I thought it would be real neat to make it bootable from a harddrive or a CF to IDE adapter and card. I got it to boot perfectly from a harddrive and now im searching for a front end that will fit. So far I have tried Mobile Impact and Centurafuse. They both need windows media player and sadly I can't get WMP to work on PE. I got far on mobile impact until it needed the core file from WMP. I copyed the file from my main system that has WMP9 and after that Mi never started.

    Anyone willing to help me out on finding a decent frontend that will work with my setup?

    Btw, I tried using older and newer versions of the WMP.DLL
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    Granted this is on oooooold thread, but just in case your still lurking, Win PE cant use DirectX, Dot Net, or any other cool gadetry that we have become used to using. The 32 bit version wont run 16 bit or 64 bit apps, and the 64 bit version wont run 16 or 32 bit apps. It is also missing parts of the windows API. (I am talking of winPE 2.0 or Vista PE or whatever you wish to call it)

    Older windows media players are 16bit (wont work)
    The 32 bit version use parts of DirectX or DotNet or both (wont work)
    And the API function for most types of media are missing
    Support is VERY lacking as MS has a vested intrest in making sure it is only used for it's intended purpouse

    Add to that PE will auto restart every 72 hours and you can quickly see you have your work cut out for you....

    The good news...
    Most people dont leave there car sterio going for 3 days at a time with out turning the key off at least once.

    Drivers can be hammerd in to the system

    It loads WAY faster than a full O/S because it just has less to do.

    All this combined gives us basically a blank canvas to start working with, not unlike building a linux distro, but one that is more familliar to most people.

    One possable solution is to get DX and/or DotNet 2.0 working on PE. IF you can figure that out, the rest should be easy.



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      'the rest should be easy'

      But you should know that it never is easy

      I'm interested to see if someone can make it work however!
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        Not that it would be easy, rather, it would be to the person who can crack that nut



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          Sorry to bring back an old post, but I found this

          Pxe With Winpe (not Bartpe)

          DirectX 9 does work on WinPE, its just that the installer fails to install

          You have to extract the DXNT.CAB and copy the DLL and SYS files to

          I left out the XPG, INF, HLP, CHM, CAT, and AX files

          I went an extra step, don't think its needed, but I made a
          system32/Directx/Dinput folder and copied over the INI and PNG
          files into it

          It also talked about using dxdllreg.exe, its in another CAB file,
          Dx seamed to work for me without it,

          BTW the first Unreal Tournament worked on WinPE without DX

          Both Bejeweled games work, as did Peggle, but no acceleration
          I am thinking that if you had a Winpe setup with correct drivers
          DX might work with acceleration

          Good Luck