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Disabling Internal Mic

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  • Disabling Internal Mic

    Hey there
    I have an Acer travelmate 2410 hooked up into my car. i am running the road runner program and have come into a problem. Whenever I turn up the volume it turns up the mics volume also even when I mute it. This causes feedback and any noises made outside the computer to travel through the mic into my speakers. I have tried going through the device manager but can't seem to find the mic control to disable it. Muting it doesnt work because as soon as I turn the volume up on roadrunner it unmutes itself. I tried looking on here but couldnt really find anything helpful so I was hoping maybe one of you may be able to help. Is there a way where I can pretty much completely turn the mic off and leave it off? Having feedback with cranking tunes is not cool.
    Cheers for any help

    I have stuffed around with it andso far what I have done is just plugged an end from a headphone into the mic jack which has cancelled out the internal mic. I still would prefer a software fix but the hardware fix works fine. It would be good if someone with a similar problem works out a way to sort it properly thanks.