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what does the mp3car option for mpxplay do?

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  • what does the mp3car option for mpxplay do?

    I have many different playlists and I want to use mpxplays feature for continuing playing where it left off when you turn off the car but that only works if its the same playlist. I change playlists while listening to it in the car.

    If i use the c:\mpxplay.exe playlist.m3u option it will only load the playlist i have specified there so if i was listening to a different playlist when i turned the car off it would not automatically start playing where i left off.

    Is there any way around this problem guys, thanks A LOT! FOR REAL! this is my only problem with mpxplay plus what is this last option for startup the one that says mp3car.. what does it do exactely:

    ;Startup (start playing at the last played song and position, if you use the same playlist
    ;0:disable 1:load only 2:save only 3:load and save +4 (=7):use CMOS RAM (for MP3Car)
    StartupEnabled =3
    OldListType =0
    OldListname =C:\
    OldSongname =C:\MP3S\ZZTOPB~1
    OldFrameNum =2152
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    Re: what does the mp3car option for mpxplay do?

    option 4 with the CMOS takes advantage that there are a few bytes in the BIOS that you can play with without effecting any of your computers settings... and these bytes of course get backed up via your PC's battery......

    this means mpxplay can continually update these bytes and u can safely turn off the PC at anytime without risk and the exact location will be saved..... but since its only a few bytes it only stores the time/frames into the CURRENT track.... nothing more....

    I played with this idea for a while in my own software package(s), but the use of only 2-3 bytes wasnt really enuff to achive all that much in 'memory'.....
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      So If I had lets say... a larger sized flash rom.. still very small but larger than the cmos extra space say 100kb (IF I wrote my own modification to the mpxplay source) I could have it save the Currnent playlist and tracktime position? Cause then if It continually opdated the flash memory with my current playlist and track position then I could turn the car off at ANY TIME ... I would need no shutdown controller at all... then next time I turn computer on... no harm done boots right where I left off... am i correct in all this?
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        I just posted the idea on the web site and he said he will impement it so that it is updated more frequently on the track position
        Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.