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Need help from Bluetooth phone integration gurus

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  • Need help from Bluetooth phone integration gurus

    I'm new to carpc, so please bear with me. I am trying to understand which way to go to implement BT phone integration the way I need it.

    First a bit of a background. I've got a Motorola RAZR V3 phone and a $200 BT handsfree kit in my old car that provides the following functions:

    1. When I switch on the ignition, the HF looks for my phone and sounds an alert if it cannot find it. VERY appreciated feature if I forget my phone at home/office or if BT on the phone is switched off for some reason.

    2. Having found my phone and established a connection, it tries to keep this connection alive and reconnects automatically if I walk out of range and then come back.

    3. When I get an incoming call, it (3.1) switches off the music (by muting my head unit), sounds a melody and if I press the single control button, accepts the call, sound coming from the car speakers.

    4. When I hang up (by pressing the same button) OR if the other party hangs up first, the head unit is automatically switched back on.

    5. To place a call, I press the same button, the head unit is switched off, and on hearing a prompt, I say the name of who I want to call (of course the voice label must have been recorded to the phone first). If the voice label matches anything in the phone memory, I hear the voice label repeated (giving me a chance of aborting the call by pressing the button if I hear that the phone mis-recognized the label) then the corresponding number from the phone's phonebook is dialed.

    When planning a carpc installation in my new car, I thought that I would get at least the same functionality plus a lot more (existing functionality being essential, "a lot more" - optional).

    After playing a bit with the Broadcom stack, Freefone and PhoCo demo, I am starting to get an uneasy feeling that I'm not going to get even the most essential features I'm enjoying now with my $200 single-button handsfree unit. Please correct me if I am wrong - I'd love to be wrong on any one of my findings/assumptions:

    1. Neither piece of software gives an alert on not finding a phone around.

    2. Broadcom stack (headset/hands-free profile) would not reconnect by itself after I walk out of range. Not sure about FreeFone and PhoCo (PhoCo demo expired on me before I got even close to finishing the testing).

    Before I go any further, here's the most unexpected issue I have run into with my V3: both PhoCo and FreeFone seem to rely on DUN profile to be able to do the fancy stuff with downloading phonebooks etc. Neither piece of software seems to use headset/handsfree profile, leaving it to the Broadcom stack. The problem with Moto V3 is that it only supports one BT profile connection at a time: so it's either FreeFone/PhoCo or the sound from the car speakers (choose one). Needless to say, it's unacceptable to me. Ok, I can scrap my V3 and buy me a new phone, but I would like to be sure that I will get the needed functionality in the end. By the way, my $200 one-button hands-free does not have this problem - it only uses headset/handsfree profile for everything it does and everything I really need - what irony.

    3. Any of the software seems to be able to do that, with the exception of barebone Broadcom stack seemingly unable to pause/mute the music (3.1) and its Windows bubble alert style not being very touchscreen-friendly.

    4. FreeFone/PhoCo ok (with compatible media player/shell), Broadcom not.

    5. Seems like neither of the software can do voice dialing. This feature must be buried somewhere deep inside Broadcom stack, but there does not seem to be any sort of user interface to access it.

    Yes I understand that FreeFone/PhoCo will let me load phonebooks from the phone (if I succeed in making it work with Russian characters - no success with FreeFone so far) and choose phone numbers via the screen interface - I would appreciate this as an option but only as an addition to the basic voice dialing feature. I am not sure I will appreciate having to fiddle with the 400 entries long phonebook on the screen while driving.

    Question #1: Am I right in my conclusions? Please tell me I am a f#$kwit wrong on all of my points - this will make me happy

    Question #2: What can/should I do to get all the essential functionality I need on a carpc (short of installing my good old $200 single button hands free unit side-by-side with the carpc)? Is there any piece of software around that uses headset/handsfree profile to do just what stock handsfree units do and to hell with the phonebooks?

    Many thanks to those who managed to read it through, waiting for your comments/advise!

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    What a deafening silence...


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      1. You are correct.

      2. Correct, at least it doesn't auto-reconnect for me either unless I turn BT off then back on again.

      On your phone, yes, DEFINITELY get rid of the Motorola. Their BT stack sucks in that you can only use one service at a time. Also, PhoCo DOES support and use the handsfree profile, as long as you are using the Broadcom stack, since Broadcom is the only one that truly supports using your PC as a headset.

      3. With PhoCo integrated into a Front-end (i.e. Centrafuse, RoadRunner), it will mute/unmute as you are expecting. I don't know about Freefone... I have only used it once.

      4. I don't understand what you are saying/asking.

      5. You can voice dial in Centrafuse with PhoCo integrated into it, BUT, voice control in Centrafuse is iffy at best. Other than that I'm not sure.

      Question #1: You're not a f#$%wit, just really wordy, which is why no one has answered you yet... they don't feel like reading the whole post No worries though man... I do the same thing, my posts get way too long sometimes. That's why I wanted to throw you some love.

      Question #2: Your best bet is PhoCo integrated into one of the front-ends that it supports with either a SonyEricsson phone (any non-Symbian one) or a Windows Mobile 5 phone. SonyEricsson phones are known to work the best with PhoCo.
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        Thanks a lot for your answers! Things are clearer now.