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  • NNS MP3 Software beta test

    Okay, I need people to beta test for bugs and stuff. I got around to updating it (finally) and I think I have all the kinks worked out of it so far. Bah, anyway, follow the link below. Extract anywhere. The program will ask for Winamp and a default playlist upon startup for the first time. It only reads PLS playlists so far. Ideas, critisism, and bug reports, give me a yell. Flames, please, leave them at the door.
    Also, it is skinable. For the most part, it is semi-freeform skinning. Mess around with the default skin and see what you come up with.

    Edit: Open the Main.html link and download from there. 48kbps download.


    --Ashlawn Kemling

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    Ummm..... I didn't get far! M.A.V.I.C. System
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      Okay, it needs some files to run, but the files are too big to upload to the server, about a megabyte, so when I can find a place to host them, I'll repost.



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        heres a link to that OCX file...

        where the hell do I put it now?


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          Came up with the error 'xlisten.dll' missing! Probably cos I don't have it.

          By the way, what is the program for?


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            You would put the file in your Windows System directory. Like I said, I am going to find some place I can put the entire thing, because windows doesn't bother to include a tiny file.

            Edit: Speeling mistacs sook at 2:30 AM.


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              Most DLL's and OCX files need to be registered. Its not enough just to stick it in Windows.

              copy the files to c:\windows and type this at a command prompt:

              regsvr32 c:\windows\mydll.dll

              or when/if you want to remove it type

              regsvr32 c:\windows\mydll.dll /u
              (=========-) 99% complete
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                Nope, no joy pcclpjp.ocx registered fine, but pcclpjp.dll had probs. See the attached jpg
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                  This is because...

                  That DLL file is not an ActiveX control! It seems like that DLL just needs to be present (either in the Windows System directory or in the same dir as the main app).

                  As an application developer I deal with this on a daily basis... some DLL's need to be registered (ActiveX ones), OCX files always need to be registered (These are ActiveX modules also), while other DLL's are not ActiveX and are simply loaded @ runtime by the app. These simply need to be in the correct place on the disk to work.
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                    I shall give it another go then.
                    4x4 in a turbo stylee.