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Change the BIOS logo on Award BIOS?

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  • Change the BIOS logo on Award BIOS?
    This is the mobo I have and it has the Award BIOS.
    Any way to change the boot screen? Has anyone done it?

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    haven't checked you rlink, but changing the bios logo involves flashing the bios with a new imagein the the flash update.

    Not something to be attempted by the inexperienced as you can end up with a useless board (ie: won't work and can't be fixed) if anything is wrong with the image format or the update goes "bump".

    I wouldn't if I were you.

    or, some manufactures offer a bios image changing utility. Search around to see if that's an option in your case.


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      I've flashed BIOS's before...Just trying to find out if there is a standard way to change the image, as this seems like a small manufacturer and there is not even any BIOS updates on their site


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        Well I found this, if anybody is interested
        I'm going to give this a try when I finish up my car computer...