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MeHere and Xport3

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  • MeHere and Xport3

    I'm going to install EVDO in my car PC soon and I wanted to make a plug in for CentraFuse so that I can start MeHere inside of the frontend. But I cannot get MeHere to work with Xport3.

    MeHere is a little application that allows you to be followed on google maps or in google earth. Here's the link:

    Now because I'm already using several software packages for GPS tracking I have to use Xport3 so that they can all use the GPS info. However, MeHere only works without Xport3. For example, the GPS is at port 4. So when I don't use Xport3 and just hook MeHere straight up to port 4 it works perfectly. But when I start Xport3 and replicate the GPS signal on port 5-9 and try MeHere on any of these com ports the application will state that it found the GPS device. But then refuses to load the location.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Well, that's an interesting way to access the serial port... Heh, ok get the new XPort and it will work.


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      Originally posted by Curiosity View Post
      Well, that's an interesting way to access the serial port... Heh, ok get the new XPort and it will work.
      Still didn't work for me!

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        I just tried something else so get it again. Make sure you clear your cache or check the file version. It should say 1.12 as the version. It's working for me, but when I zoom in and it goes off the map, it doesn't scroll. Is that normal?


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          Let me check the version


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            Mine still hangs on "attempting to obtain GPS coordinates" while stating that it was able to connect to the com port.


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              Give it some time. It will say that until after it gets a sat lock.


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                But it tells me that for at least 15 minutes...

                I went to go get some groceries and during the entire trip it wouldn't get a lock?

                But at the same time iGuidance and Destinator instantly got a lock.


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                  That's what happened to me too. I got it working with the sim and assumed it was OK, but then I took it out tonight and it didn't work in the car. MeHere seems to toss out data if it's not timed at about 4800 baud or something and just gives up because XPort passes it in small chunks as it gets it. I've got a fix and you can download the latest, but I still need to test it with SiRF, other baud rates and all the other software.


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                    Does google have any applications that do something similar?

                    Does MeHere only work with serial gps receivers? what about usb?


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                      most all usb gps receivers are serial. They basically have a usb to serial adapter built in. So once you plug it in, you should see another serial port. As far as I've seen anyway.

                      Try RevFE
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                        MeHere works with almost all GPS recievers.

                        I'm having some issues with the ports...

                        This is a bit off topic but I hoped maybe you knew more about it.

                        My EVDO reciever for some reason locks down a bunch of ports (everything from 1 to 12) the rest I can still use with Xport.

                        Is there any way to lock the ports that Xport3 uses? So that when I restart and plug in the EVDO reciever it won't disable the ports Xport uses and therefore hopefully wouldn't cause Xport to throw and error and effectively disable all my GPS stuff :-P. It seems as if Xport3 attempts to use the ports if they're open, but for some reason this EVDO software locks it all up. Under my device manager these ports aren't used but they won't show under the Xport3 drop downs.