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  • Fullscreen Winamp5 skin

    I'm working on a new skin...

    This is a mock-up, I'm working on implementing it now.

    Questions / Comments / Concerns?

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    Looks cool.

    Could even extend it to be Front End skin, ie for Road Runner (Actually might be interested in developing this for RR with you if you want).

    The only think is the size of the playlist font. Don't know how readable that would be in a car.


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        the font size for the playlist is a setting in winamp. Now if this skin can pull from that setting or not is a nother question.

        Will the colors be changeable on the skin?

        This would be ideal for me when I'm going through the lanes in SQ judging since WinAmp runs the plug-ins I need.
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          This will be much more flexible than my winamp3 skin. There will be several color schemes or you can create your own.

          The background image (just black in this image) can be changed to anything you like.


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            whats up Arby, long time no see. Hows it going.
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              WB Arby

              I still use your old WA3 skin on the home PC from time to time
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                I searched around for a useful WinAMP skin before I tried RR. Nobody wanted to make big VOLUME buttons for my fat fingers. I'd be interested in this as a backup if something happens to RR, or as something embedded in RR. Look forward to it!
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                  I'm making progress, had to relearn how to do winamp skins.

                  This new skin supports two things my old skin did not: resizing and multiple colors schemes.



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                    last time i looked @ winamp skins, it was not possible to resize the this changed now?


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                      As far as I know, that is still true.


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                        This looks so great.... Definitly something I'll be using when you release it

                        The only thing I dont see is a scoll bar for the main playlist. Dont forget that hehe
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                          Schweeet! I can't wait for it.

                          I still remember the first one you made for winamp3 back in the day. It was my first carpc frontend. I loved it. I'm sure this will be great.

                          Will you be supporting smart views (aka smart playlists) from the media library? For example, some user configurable buttons to quickly load a smart playlist of newly added songs, hiphop/rap genre, pop genre, etc. Also, any plans to support a media library search (like hitting j, but skinned for use with a touchscreen) with maybe an on-screen keyboard?

                          Keep us posted. I'm looking forward to seeing your results!
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                            Cant wait for this to come up!! Makes me want to do one 2 lol
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