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A question to media players gurus out there

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  • A question to media players gurus out there

    What I want to achieve is to manage and access all my music favorites (be it MP3 files/folders on my HDD, internet/shoutcast radio stations or FM radio stations) as a single set of bookmarks. In other words, if I'm currently listening to an MP3 file from my HDD and suddenly feel like switching to 95.2 FM radio, I don't want to close the Music screen first, then go to Radio screen and press button 3 to do that (I have to do just that now with InfillStation s**tware), I just want to bring up My Favorites list and click on "95.2FM" link, sitting there along with, say, "Pink Floyd" HDD folder and AuralMoon internet radio link. What existing front-ends would allow me to do that?

    WinAmp based front-ends (RR, what else?) seem to be the most promising at the moment - WinAmp plays shoutcast perfectly and is theoretically able to play FM radio if I find/create a plugin for my radio tuner.

    Windows Media Player 11 does play shoutcast radio streams ok but does not display the track info (unlike WinAmp) - is this a WMP design limitation or I just cannot set it up correctly?

    As for FM radio playing via WMP - I made a quick search and was not able to find any info about its ability to play FM radio or even the possibility of writing such a plugin. Is that correct?