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Time to say bye to the carpc shortly

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  • Time to say bye to the carpc shortly

    Well after a couple good years of my carpc and RR I've decided to call it quits and to move on to something more reliable as I can't find the time nor want to spend it messing with my carpc anymore The unresolved random blue screen crashes of windows even after reloading a full install twice have resulted in one too many frustrating voyages in my vehicle and it's not worth it to me anymore I may keep all my parts but I may put some up for sale but I'm not sure yet. I'm sure I can geek some sort of inwall touch panel control for my whole house HTPC :-)

    I've decided to go to a Kenwood DNX7100 head unit, it has built in Garmin GPS, USB 2.0 to read mp3's off a usb drive, and a ton of other features I was getting from my PC. It took a while to find a receiver that could provide me with the options I specifically wanted, yes I've been contemplating this for a while now. I also have an Hitachi automotive HDD which is rated for crazy cold weather and high shock but -40F temps in the winter could stop it ;-) With the new head unit I can bring my external HDD inside for the evening and not have to worry if my system will boot in the morning

    I'll still be sticking around and checking through the forums even after I make the switch over, which I'm not exactly sure when that will occur but soon hopefully. There is a great community of folks here and I will still be reading through the very informative threads.

    Thanks to all who have provided me help the last couple of years.


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    Bummer, best of luck.
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      Check your ram, this is a common cause of BSOD's. Could also be another part of your hardware, but ram is most common, especially if you are getting them after a fresh install.

      Oh also check your IRQs, make sure there are no conflicts.


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        yeah I would go for memory as well.. if its faulty it will slowly degrade your os on your harddrive, to start it will work fine, then as the days go on it will crash more and more and finally wont boot at all.. had this quite a few times on compaq laptops when they were shipped with cheap memory
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          i also had this problem some years ago in PCs that had propertiary Ram needed spesific brand of ram..some old compaqs had this and some old ASTs.good luck budy


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            This is why I will miss this board. You are all great.

            I got the memory free through a donation a couple years back so I'm not sure of the brand. What do you find works best with the epia 12k? I believe I have 512M running in it now with a full install of XP. The only mods were to disable some services to increase boot times but my BSOD don't seem to be caused by that. Sometimes the system will just freeze solid with no BSOD. I'm starting to think that maybe my HDD might be going south. Today the system didn't detect my HDD on boot so I tapped the PC case a couple time and hit the reset button and it booted fine. It's almost like the HDD is sticking or something. This may be the cause of some or all of my problems at this point.

            I have XM Direct, a powermate knob and not much else added to it. I don't run any flash apps nor do I play movies. All I use it for is MP3's, XM Radio, and NAV with IGuidance.



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              maybe your HDD connections are loose..this is what happens when the HDD loose..
              (so does that mean you are not leaving )


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                ok few things to try.........#1, get another HD to borrow to test if you dont have one and do a fresh install. The drive just has to work.......hell "rent" one from walmart if you have to. If thats not the case, get some ram at CC, take your ram to them and they will show you what you need. if that isnt it, then almost 100% it will be your power it off of your desktop PC's power supply. Hell try this first.....most of all though, dont give up on the PC b/c its not working correctly........if its not running, then it is either a hardware failure or user error.....or both.


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                  You just have to beat the mass produced units at their own game!! May I suggest an embedded operating system? I've had over 2 years strong without one BSOD. Just gotta build the PC with same or better specs than those other guys.

                  Anyway if you do decide to make the switch, my buddy has that kenwood and it is an impressive unit. I just would never be able to live with a system I could not change the software as I saw fit.
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                    I just did a new boot install, all new kit, was working fine indoors, had no problems first day then eveytime I drove over a sleeping policeman/speed hump
                    it would hang about 20 seconds later....

                    HDD power cable.

                    Sometimes its the simple things, if you have been having BSOD for years, and using same ram (or other hardware) for years........
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                      Well this IS a hobby, i was almost there years ago. no matter what i did, tried nothing would work. but through the peeps here and persistence, i've had a rock solid system for over a year now. freezing, heat, lowered suspension (even through richmond roads). the all-in-one solutions is good, the only thing that would bother me is if something happened to it. with the carpc you just yank it, fix it and you're done.
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                        I take my TJ "Jeep" out on trails and beat the heck out of it. My PC hasn't had an issue other than losing GPS signal in the deep cover of trees. Since I built it for tracking trails and keeping me from getting lost I could say that I'm disappointed that I loose GPS as often as I do. Nice thing is I loose Sirius way before I loose GPS so I guess I can't complain much.

                        Take the PC apart if you can with it running. Wiggle every connection and see if you can cause it to do something that it doesn't appear to like. When you get a blue screen what error messages is it giving you? Are you running different types of Ram or do you have the same type if you have more than one stick? Just more thoughts for you to look into before giving up.


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                          I agree with just about everyting said here, especially the comment of not being th change any software or interface any time I fill like it.

                          Just a simple note, you are probably running windows on your home system, and I am willing to bet you do not get all the BSOD's and problems. With the frequency you report, and the new installs, it is 99% more than likely it is not a software issue in and way, and is hardware related.

                          As mentioned, memory is the first place to look. Bad memory will result in bad info being written to, and read from the hard drive. I found this out when a hard drive was "going bad", and I got a new one. Installing XP fresh on the new drive on that system, kept coming up with read errors on the CD. The CD was in perfect shape, and it turned out to be a bad stick of memory.

                          The bottom line is, you just have to use trial and error to find the cause...
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                            LOL! Talking about reviving an old thread. Well as you may have realized I am still kicking around with the same ole CARPC. I just replaced my Opus 120 as my original kicked the bucket last week.

                            I still get the occasional Blue Screen but it's not consistent enough to do the trial and error trouble shooting bit. I wish it was more consistent as it would help to pinpoint the issue. For now I just live with it.

                            I'm actually looking to upgrade the SW at this point. I figure over the winter I'll look to integrate my Ipod and my BT phone. I don't want to upgrade to the latest RR though. I'm afraid of the annoying popup after 4 months because once I get it loaded and running right I'll probably run it for 2 - 3 years again Not to mention my older Epia board may not have the HP to handle the newer version.

                            Anyhow, just wanted to shout out and mention that I never scrapped the CarPC.