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  • Need Help picking out a frontend

    Hey all,
    I've tried a few different programs, like streetdeck and digital dash. But havent had much luck configuring them to do everything i need it to. Streetdeck seems like it would do it all if only the program would run. it restarts the computer everytime... Digital dash was above average in its perfomance but was slow in responding on the touchscreen, and the gps port was limited to com ports not usb. Also the external programs that ran did not function properly. Any recommendations would be great. A few things to mention, other then whats listed in the car specs, i have a griffon radio shark2, and a nema compatibly gps receiver (came with MS Streets and Trips - program wasnt great though). Please let me know! Thank you!
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    Frontends are subjective. You wont get an answer that is best for you, because they all will work.

    For instance "gps was limited to com not usb": USB is a com port. "Universal SERIAL Bus" Windows hides it from you but it is still a com port. So that can easily be fixed. Embedding a program takes time to get it perfect with any frontend, it wont work "out of the box".

    As far as Streetdeck goes, it should be "out of the box" and if you are having problems, I suggest starting a thread and getting GOC to respond to you. It will be the most hassle free.

    As for personal preference, RoadRunner wins hands down. Great Support, Great Skin Selection, Fast, and has all the option you could ever want. Options == big though and some call that bloat. It is all up to you and what runs well on your system.

    But if all you want are opinions, then mine is RoadRunner.
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      As he said, its very subjective. I was in your shoes a few months ago and ended up going with streetdeck and dont regret it at all. Its an awesome program and stability has been a non-issue with me, it has never crashed. I would blame it on something in your system, post about it in the SD forum. Roadrunner is cool, but being busy, i really didn't have the time to devote to getting it to run right and to get all the features configured. SD pretty much ran perfect out of the box. I tried the centrafuse demo, but to me it was too confusing and wayyyy over priced. There are some people that dont like SDs navigation with MapPoint, but i use it for work to get to customers houses ever day and it works AWESOME for me, never given me any trouble. To me, SD rocks and is definitly worth the money. If i were you, i would try so solve my system stability issues with SD. I have it on my laptop, desktop, work computer and truck computer and it works great on all of them. (all demo versions except the truck).
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        ok thanks for the info. ill give SD another go, as for RR i havent tried it but now im definately going to have to.
        My purpose in life... to do everything the wifey says too... or atleast thats what she tells me :P