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how do I make a disk image for installing cd's with no cd drive?

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  • how do I make a disk image for installing cd's with no cd drive?

    after installing my car pc i just realized i need to install a massive software of 3 disks and I have no cd drive. i have magic iso and dvd decrypter but wanted to see what other options i have to make a disk image and put it on a 2 gig flash drive usb.

    my gps reciever isn't acting good without the street atlas installation for my lt 20 earthmate

    i am trying to install the software on my car pc via the wireless network but i get an error message before it's done (says missing files but it's just too slow on the crappy wireless network)

    so to get the disc image on a usb flash, just make it an iso?

    but how do I MOUNT it on my car pc so it can read it?

    or can i just drag and drop all the files on the cd you see under windows explorer? will that work?

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    2 solutions.
    - Make some iso of your cds, put them on you usb drive with daemon tool software, that will enable you to mount your iso as a virtual cdrom.
    - Just copy the content of you cd in a dir of your usb drive. Most of the software don't care.
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