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  • Voice Recognition MP3 Player

    I've written an MP3 player controlled by voice commands in to run on a laptop in my car.

    I'm looking for some other developers to contribute to this project under an open source license.

    I have the circuit board out of a USB keyboard wired up to the Seek button on my steering wheel for a "Press To Talk" button.
    Other then that everything is controlled by voice commands.

    I've already implemented the basics like, play, next, previous, shuffle.

    I'm working on playlists at the moment and the ability to create a playlist by genre, artist, album, year or decade and then turn around and filter that playlist to remove everything thats not a particular genre etc.

    for example
    Playlist clear
    Playlist add decade 1970
    Playlist filter genre rock

    Now I have a playlist of rock from the 70's

    All without taking my eyes off the road.

    Behind the scenes its driven off a Microsoft Access database and scans your mp3 files in the background, automatically generating and reloading the vocabulary when completed.

    I have it working with my collection of 35'000 tracks with approx 90% accuracy.

    I'm not the worlds tidiest programmer but i do have the skills and infrastructure to setup a subversion repository for this project, or start a SF project.

    Please leave your comments if you can program in and am interested in helping me complete this project.

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    I would be interested in taking a look at your project and helping anyway I can. I think the voice command control if implemented properly can be an incredible safety device. I'm not that great of a programmer but, learn by doing, that's what you gotta do. I would say, you might as well start a SF project, then people will probably get more interested...
    May all your dreams come true.....unless your dreams are nightmares ~ L.S.